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Sabine: The Tallest Life Day Helper by a0040pc Sabine: The Tallest Life Day Helper by a0040pc

Near the beginning of the formation of the Rebel Alliance the Ghost Crew helped save several Wookies from the Empire who were using them as slave labour. One of these Wookies was a young male called Attichitcuk who was named after a famous Wookie warrior. Unfortunately, his parents were both killed by the Empire making him an orphan. During the rescue he remembered a human girl with odd coloured air and wearing pretty armour. This was Sabine Wren and he also remembered how she had tried to comfort him after the rescue.

Sometime later Attichitcuk was happy to hear that Sabine had to visit his colony on official Rebel business. He was excited to see her again but he was greatly shocked when he lay eyes on her, when he had last seen her she had been average height for a human. Now she had grown considerably after being exposed to a strange substance on a distant planet. Not only was she gigantic but she looked incredibly stretched as well which he thought did look odd. She made even the tallest Wookie look very small and he couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated.

After Sabine had finished her business with the other Wookies she was able to spot Attichitcuk who had been watching from a distance. With her new height he didn’t know how to approach her but when she realised that she was there she gave him a gentle smile and said hello to him. Thankfully he could understand the common language and she understood Wookie. He could see that despite her great increase in height she was still the kind-hearted woman that he remembered.

They spoke for several minutes and she learned that it was Wookie Life Day very soon, the most important celebration for Wookies. It was unfortunately the first one that Attichitcuk would experience without his parents. Sabine could see how much this still upset the young Wookie and this gave her an idea. She knew how important getting a tree for Life Day was so she suggested that she and Attichitcuk venture out into the nearby forest to find a suitable tree. This put a smile on his face and he agreed.

With some ease Sabine was able to pick up the small Wookie and she walked into the forested area. Attichitcuk did enjoy being so high up as Sabine was taller than most of the trees around them. For the next several minutes they looked around to find the perfect tree. This was more difficult than they had anticipated but eventually they saw one that looked do be perfect. The only problem was that it sat on an island in the middle of a lake. She didn’t want to disappoint Attichitcuk so she stepped into the lake as she walked towards the island.

With each step Sabine took the lake grew deeper and deeper. Before long the water was up to her knees, then to her waist and then up to her chest. She decided that it was best for Attichitcuk to sit on her head so that her hands could be free. She continued to walk and the lake grew deeper still. Eventually only her head was peaking above the water line and she thought that she might have to walk back. However, it was at this point that she noticed that the lake was getting shallower. This brought her smile as she continued her walk.

It only took a few minutes for Sabine to reach the island and she stared at the tree. It was quite tall but to her it only came up to the mid-section of her thighs. For Attichitcuk it was the perfect tree but cutting it down was a small problem. Thankfully she hadn’t come unprepared. In her pocket she held the Dark Sabre and although she was too tall to wield it properly she could still use it for this situation. She activated the Dark Sabre and with a swift movement at the trunk she was able to cut through it with ease. The Tree was about to fall but she was able to catch it and Attichitcuk clapped his hands with joy.

Thankfully Sabine had the strength to pick up the tree and they began their long walk back to the settlement. However, during the journey Attichitcuk began to hear something that made him nervous. Sabine could see his discomfort and she stopped to ask him what was wrong. It was then that a large bat like creature swooped down and grabbed the young Wookie. He screamed out in terror and the creature thought that it could fly away with its prize. Thinking fast the Sabine dropped the tree and grabbed onto the creature. It was just within her reach and she brought it back down to her level. It didn’t take much effort for her to free Attichitcuk and she allowed it to fly away. She checked on her friend and was thankful to find that he was uninjured. With the danger now over, she picked up the tree and they continued on their journey.

Eventually they returned to the settlement. The other Wookies were very impressed with the tree that they had brought. It was soon placed at the centre of the settlement for everyone to see, however it was missing the star that was essential for every Life Day. There was one that the Wookies kept and it was decided that Attichitcuk would be the one to place the star on top of the tree. Unfortunately, he was too short to reach the top but Sabine was still there to help. The super tall Rebel sat down by the tree and then picked up Attichitcuk. With her help he was easily able to place the star on the tree. This was amongst one of the happiest moments of his life and he had Sabine to thank for it. Despite everything that had happened to him he thought that the future was looking up for him. He saw Sabine smiling at him and he knew that no matter how tall she became she would always be his friend.


Ok so this story was longer than I expected and the longest I’ve written for a Sabine piece. Of course, this piece is a festive special and hopefully you found the story better than the Star Wars Holiday Special. There will be more Sabine pieces in the future and if you enjoyed :iconclaw7705: pictures of Sabine I’ll ask him to do another one for me. Happy Holidays to everyone.


Story by Me

Art by :iconclaw7705:

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MutationSector Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very cute. they're quite the adorable pair :)
a0040pc Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2017
Indeed, the young Wookie and the super tall giant human. What could possibly go wrong?
Clonecamando1471 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017
Love how Sabine is holding the little Wookie, Gives a wonderful indicator of her size. :)

Story is also quite nice and festive themed. Wonder how all the wookies will react when Sabine gets even taller? XD
a0040pc Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017
Thanks, she is pretty huge and growing all the time.

Hopefully you enjoyed this story more than the Holiday Special. The Wookies would call her a walking tree.
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