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Gail The Trico 2018 Reference Sheet


Name: Gail

Gender: Female

Age: Young Teen

Species: Trico

Height: She is 19 ft in height.

Affiliation: None

Partner: None

Inventory: Since Gail isn’t from the first Generation. She doesn't have the amor the older Trico’s wore when the Master was still in command. She however later on down in the future receives armor from her rider.

Status: Nothing as of now.


Exploring: Gail is interested in the new world around her. She was born inside of the Nest and was nursed there for awhile. So seeing outside of her childhood home she has become quite curious.

Flying: Gail is a excellent flyer. Soaring through the skies at fast and gentle speeds.

: Gail loves playing and splashing about in rivers and pounds. She can’t help but roll herself around in it. Getting her feathers all soaked then dried off by the sun.
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Gail is just too adorable