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Henna Eid ul Azha Nov 2011

Henna applied by me on my Mommy's hand! Photo also taken by me. :)
Done: 05-11-11 For Eid ul Azha!
Eid Mubarik to all of my Muslim Brothers and sisters!!! :D:D

Design was copied from this photo I found on google images: [link] [I modified the design on the hand on the right!]

>>For those of you who are new to 'Henna', here's some info to help you understand what it is! ^_^

Henna (Lawsonia inermis, also called mignonette tree) is a flowering plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. It is a paste which is applied to the body and washed off a few hours later, leaving a temporary tattoo on the skin. Henna has been used to adorn young women's bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean.

Thanks for viewing my work! ^_^

Aaaaaaand one last thing(sorry, i know how annoyingly long this description already is!)
If you're interested in getting a Henna temporary tattoo like the one in the picture shown above, and you live in the United states, you can notify me on my Facebook page 'Henna-fied' [link] and schedule a date for an appointment by posting on the page wall!

Looking forward to Henna-fying your hands soon!!

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so pretty,nice improvisation on the go
LevelUpGraphix's avatar
I had a hard time picking a favorite. You are very talented :)
ScarletWarmth's avatar
Very intricate! Amazing work!

A-w0man's avatar
OMGz that emote is prettier :happybounce:
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Featured on our facebook fan page: [link]
A-w0man's avatar
thankyou VERY MUCH!! :D
umerr2000's avatar
awesomee design yaar! Eid mubarik to you too =D
A-w0man's avatar
khair mubariksssssss ^_^
DarkLotus94's avatar
That is EPIC! I wish I had a tatoo like that! :D
A-w0man's avatar
aww thankyouu :D

i so wish I could make a tattoo like this for you :P :D
DarkLotus94's avatar
Dude, that would be totally awesome! 8D
A-w0man's avatar
totally <3 ^_^
do you live near pennsylvania? :P maybe this dream could be made a reality someday :P hehe
DarkLotus94's avatar
Nein I don't, I live in Oklahoma lol
But hopefully we'll meet someday. ^^
A-w0man's avatar
hopefully <3 ^_^
akuma07's avatar
well done i can smell it lol eid moubarek
A-w0man's avatar
khair mubarik! :D
ViviansPhotographs's avatar
Very well done nice details
A-w0man's avatar
thankyou very much! :) :) <3
GirLuvr2011's avatar
My friend does this a lot with her hand,in fact she came to school today and showed me it.I think they're all very pretty!!!
Nice work :D
A-w0man's avatar
cool! does your friend upload her work on da? :P

thankyou! im glad you like my work!! :D <3
GirLuvr2011's avatar
sadly no, she doesn't have an account, but maybe I'll find a way to take a pic and upload it.

and your welcome :)
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