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Kingdom Hearts III / 0.2 Style HUD

So here's something nice for everyone.  I went ahead and tried to re-create the HUD from Kingdom Hearts III and 0.2 as accurately as I could.  Why?  For fun!  Just for the hell of it.  Have fun with it, whatever.

This was actually supposed to be a collaborative project between myself and one other party, but his contribution never came through, so I ended up pulling solo duty.  Probably why the Health/MP/Focus gauges look a little crabby.

This is free to use for whatever you want, but please, if you DO end up using it in a fan-game or something, a link-back would be nice.  Click DOWNLOAD to get the PSD.

Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix and Disney.
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I was wondering if you could tell us what typeface was used for say Attack Magic, Items etc ;;v;; I'd love to use this for a project if that's okay!