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Grey Lives Matter by no1marmadukefan Grey Lives Matter :iconno1marmadukefan:no1marmadukefan 2 2
The 7 Races of the Universe
In the universe I've created, there are 7 different races a person can be a part of. This isn't reffering to ethnicities, but more species. I wanted to talk about them here so you guys know what's up.
1- Humans
Humans are pretty much exactly like the ones that exist in our world. They don't have magic, have a basic humanoid form, etc. There's nothing really out of the ordinary for them.
2- Altarin
Altarin are a race of witches and wizards who identify into four different clans. They are born with cheekmarks symbolizing what clan they are a part of, and each clan has a varying degree of magic capabilities. They are a more progressive society in some ways, with marriage being equal no matter the sex of the partners, egalitarianism is a standard, and skin color is virtually ignored throughout the clans. They are a matriarchal society, however, and prefer to have female leaders. Most male leaders that exist wear feminine clothing to appease the most traditional Altarins.
3- Kekistani
The K
:iconsailorpluto99:sailorpluto99 1 1
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Anthony Rodriguez
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Greetings all! My name is Anthony Rodriguez, i also answer to my gamertag, A-Thon X. I have loved drawing ever since i was a tiny child and have always worked almost exclusively in pencils and paper. I have recently had a little bit of some fancy book learning in the Adobe suite, namely Photoshop and Illustrator, but alas i am far from an expert in these arenas. I work in pen to, and sometimes i dabble in color. I am currently working to write and illustrate my own indie comic book and hope to have it out soon. I heartz all things Nintendo and World of Warcraft. I also love sequential art in all its forms. I got everything from CHICK tracts to Heavy Metal and The Walking Dead. Also i love people! ....At least in theory. :/


Venom was awesome! Great characters, bad guys, action packed, and not a single sentence of social justice. Definitely looking forward to the sequel.
It breaks my heart to see a fellow Kekistani oppressed like this.


embedded_item1537978590444 by A-thonX
Also, thanks to DeviantArt user Sailorpluto99 for letting her OC guest star in Captain Kekistan!
I'm a Facebook group that I'm a part of someone asked to share Fan fiction ideas so I posted one I'd had on the back burner for awhile. It didn't get much traction there but having written it out for the first time I actually really like it so I figured I'd post it here as well.

Ok, usually I don't like giving away my ideas but this is fan fiction so here it goes, it's not like I own any of the aspects of this story anyway.
  Ill call it "Pirates of the Caribbean: Deep Seas for now and I'll tell it in Acts because it's a movie franchise.
ACT 1:
We see Captain Jack Sparrow Approached by Davey Jones asking for an alliance. Davey Jones, back in command of The Flying Dutchman and resuming his charge of Ferrying souls, is at a loss because there seems to be so few dead at sea as of late. Through some investigating they discover that the Royal Navy is involved in some sort of shadow war with an armada of mysterious ships. They track the flagship, The Devil's Reef captained by a "man" known as Marsh, to a sort of oil rig in the ocean where Marsh and his crew of "deep ones" appear to be fracking the souls of those who died at sea. We see that the advanced technology of these mysterious invaders runs off the souls of the dead. The Flying Dutchman and The Black Pearl along with the British Royal Navy attack the rig and The Devil's Reef. The Devil's Reef has Lasers, a Force Field, and torpedoes so of course attackers are quickly routed.
Having sustained heavy damage and heavy losses, The Flying Dutchman, Black Pearl, and a few Royal Ships find port in a small, uncharted township. Initially the town looks deserted, but they see amazing things, things basically analogous to television, radios, computers, and the internet. All of it encrusted with barnacles and corral. This seems to be one of the forward operating bases of the Deep ones. They discover that there seems to be some sort of energy crisis, and discover the capital is in the Mariana Trench off the coast of Puerto Rico. After making a harrowing escape, the allies  marshal their forces and head for the trench. They just have to make one stop.
Arriving at the Trench, Davey Jones does some Mcguffin stuff and the entire allied armada submerges and heads for the deep one's capital city. A battle with the Deep ones' fleet ensues and the allies' ships' are all destroyed. The Deep ones start collecting the bodies so they can collect and refine the souls for fuel, when they discover something on the bodies. Each one is wearing a medallion, a gold coin. The allies spring to life having all been cursed with undeath because of the cursed gold and an enormous battle ensues.
Davey Jones, Jack Sparrow, and the rest of the cast break through the front lines and head to the refinery, which when destroyed, will disable the entire Deep one war machine. They face down Captain Marsh in the chamber of the Deep One Patriarch, Dagon, a giant fish (possibly a kracken) who explains to them how he and the rest of his kind are millions of years old and that their necromatic technology has rendered them sterile and that's why they have to impregnate human women. Also their society is dependent on their technology, and their technology is dependent on souls. A final battle with Captain Marsh ensues and our heroes somehow, brilliantly, smash the refinery and escape, having saved the seas and the dead.
The End.


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