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Hey everyone!

I wanted to feature an amazing story that is currently in progress by the lovely    :iconbeloved-emma:

The story is called A Curious Case and is about the Mad Hatter and Alice. It is written beautifully and depicts our lovable characters so well. I highly recommend reading it!

You can find the story on her Deviant Art page or here.

:star: Chapter 1: :star:

A Curious CaseA Curious Case
Chapter 1 – The Nightmare
Alice sat in her favorite spot in her garden, under the biggest and most shady oak tree. When she was younger, she would climb in its branches and daydream of many adventures. It was her favorite thing to do. She would get lost in thought…in her wonderland…before reality had hit and she was forced into adult hood. How she missed the old days. Without the responsibility and stress of trying to be the "proper young lady" everyone expected her to be. Yes…when she was a child she could dream of talking flowers, evil queens, and white rabbits. Now as she leaned against the familiar tree, she wished with all her heart that she didn't have to grow up. She lifted her face towards the sun and sighed.
It had been so long since she had visited her wonderland, or rather, had dreamt of it. Had she dreamt it? She never cold quite tell if the whole thing was just from her imagination. It seemed too real, too tangible. But now that she thoug

:star: Chapter 2: :star:

A Curious Case - Chapter 2A Curious Case
Chapter 2 – The Door
"Have a very pleasant evening my dear, I hope you have sweet dreams," said Edward as he very gentlemanly offered her his hand while helping her into the carriage. She knew, of course, that this was all for show, because Ms. Clamentine was already sitting inside.
"Goodbye Alice!" stated Eden, joining in on the charade. "Have fun with that dear little creature!" And she threw in such a warm and caring smile that Alice almost thought she was being sincere. Almost. But she knew better than to believe that. They waved pleasantly as the carriage took off. Alice looked back in disgust, clinging to the cage that was seated on her lap.
"How did it go dear? My, he is SO dashing isn't he? And Eden is such a dear! You are lucky to be marrying into that family! Be sure to continually thank your parents for supplying you with such a fortunate match," gushed Ms. Clamentine. She lived vicariously through Alice; and loved her like the daughter she never had.

:star: Chapter 3: :star:

A Curious Case Chapter 3 ~ Found in Wonderland        Reginald walked down the main street of the city. Nothing he did could get him out of this mood. Everywhere he looked, someone was holding a hand, kissing a cheek, or laughing together. He looked at everyone disgusted. "Why is everyone in this town in a relationship?!" he thought to himself. His frustration grew more and more whenever he passed a couple. It wasn't that he truly hated his friends and their relationships; he loved them and was genuinely happy for them. But he couldn't help but feel sorry for himself day after day. They all had each other, and he wished to have a best friend in that deep way, someone to love him even with all his quirks, and even to love him BECAUSE of all his quirks. Still walking down the street he decided to stop by Gaston's Pub to grab a cup of tea. He needed a distraction, and tea always put him in a better mood.
"How are ya doing today Mr. Hatter?" greeted the bartender. Reginald shrugged.
"Eh I've bee

I will be posting more journals related to this fan fiction. If you enjoy this story please leave a comment here or on her page to show support! <3

Thanks everyone!

More Journal Entries


Hello fellow Mad Hatter fans!!!

This is DestinyJade here. This is my first club so please bear with me. I am completely open for suggestions and comments! If anyone has any ideas for the club then let me know.

We are major fans of the Mad Hatter (Obviously). So, if you are a fan of Disney's Mad Hatter (Both the 1951 and Tim Burton), Disney's Mad Hatter at any of the Disney Parks, briannacherrygarcia 's mad hatter, and SyFy's Mad Hatter then please join! If you have any questions about this let me know...

We currently accept Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Crafts, Cosplay, Icons, Signatures, Stamps, Wallpapers, Animations, Park Photos, and When Curiosity Met Insanity Art (This includes any AlicexMadHatter Art).

:star: :star: Rules :star: :star:

1. We are accepting anyone into the group. Although if you cause problems between the group and other members than we have the right to remove you.

2. Please try to only submit things related to the Mad Hatter. While it is alright to have Alice or the other characters in the piece of Art it is NOT alright to submit art relating to JUST a certain character other than the Mad Hatter.

3. Please submit your art into the appropriate folder. If you feel like there isn't a folder that would be related to your art please let a founder know.

4. This is a major rule... Please keep your contributions appropriate. This means we want to keep it PG-PG13 only... No rated R. We have all age groups here and want to make it a comfortable environment. If you are unsure if your art is appropriate then message a founder. Also we do not accept any other pairings other than AlicexMadHatter. This also relates to language. Keep it clean.

Thats all!

Thank you all for joining and contributing!

Check out some of our wonderful artworks from our last contest winners!

Our first place winner is featured on our featured section with the wonderful art piece with fun filled characters by :iconaemi-chan:…

Our Second place winner submitted a humorous piece involving the mad hatter at the drunk tea party by…

And our third place winner submitted a wonderfully put together colorful piece by :iconv2-schneider:…



Group Info

A Tea Cup of Madness is a group that is created for those who are fans of the Mad Hatter. If you are a fan of the mad hatter and would like to join then simply sign up. We accept Fan Art. Fan Fiction, and also theme park pictures. The Mad Hatter versions that we accept are the animated Mad Hatter from Disney, Tim Burtons Disney version, :iconbriannacherrygarcia: and :iconrain27: 's version of the mad hatter in WCMI and Disneys theme Park Mad Hatters. If you have any questions please ask a founder.
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"We're all mad here..."




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