Mugwort Clan
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"A clever clan, no one knows for how long had they been in the island. Their knowledge being nothing like what we have seen beyond the island. They were a smart clan, prosperous. Until that happened. Its been long since the catastrophe. Now they are secluded from the rest of the island. The elders refuse to say what had plagued their ancestors, while the younger ones shun the questions regarding and why they refuse to step on their now abandoned cities. They will also stop others from recklessly exploring their ruins Their secrets never to be retaken. What Sweetbriar and Silversword know of them are standoff people, whom prefer to keep their distance from other dogs, but they aren't hostile..."

The Mugwort are a tribe of native born islanders who decided to stick to their wild roots and culture, though they too believe in the Goddess Mother [tho they believe she is a male in their culture, its lead to some interesting debates in the past between themselves and Sweetbriar/Silversword] They aren’t savages but neither are they very modernly adapted for today’s world. Most of their diet is meat from hunting prey, though they do farm/gather fruits and vegetables they find in the wild. Often in winter they move their village to follow where prey may roam, they also trade with Sweetbriar and Silversword. [Pelts and raw flesh are something unique for Mugwort]

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