Introduction to Potcake Island/Tale of Tails
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Long, long ago when Potcake was at its beginnings, there was only Mugwort. They lay claim to these lands, a clan that prospered and desired to branch farther in what they could be. They worshiped the Goddess, well... the God, its kind of complicated... ahem. Swathed in old stories, there is a whisper of wind that old Mugwort came here from a land bridge, shadowed unknowingly by the folk of dark and light known as Kinejo.

The forefathers of Silversword branched off from Mugwort, the dogs of their village were unhappy with how little Mugwort wanted to develop. Called it yellowbellied to simply roll over and keel like a simpering pup. They took to the mountains, some thought it was foolish to try building a settlement there. Such harsh temperatures and dangerous animals prowled around every peak and narrow crevice but Silversword would not be scared off. They were determined this place was perfect, the place to call a home. They turned that harsh Swordlily Mountain into a town, thriving on mining ore and stone and developing technology... much to Mugwort's ire.

And then there's Sweetbriar, they took the valley without really causing a fuss, disinterested by either sides and only wished to farm the land and serve the Goddess like the loyal followers that they are.

And then... hmm... Oh no. It seems my memory isn't as good as it used to be... but perhaps, young traveler, with time,you can fill in the blanks for an old fool like me. Don't look at me like that, why waste such keen wit not solving such a broken puzzle lost in time?
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