Grand Opening Delay [Update 2.0]
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:new: 4/9/2020

Hello Potcakes, I hope everyone is doing well despite what is happening to the world right now in the wake of Covid19. Wash your hands and try to stay out of public, stay safe and well.  I am here to announce some news concerning the grand opening date. We decided to delay it again due to some unexpected delays on the side of us the staff. From computer issues delaying art to illness, we've been distracted. There's been a lot of changes we are still finalizing and trying to adapt to the group the best we can for everyone. We don't have a date set, as the new game system is still in the works and we're waiting on art for the homepage and monsters/game. I hope you understand. The discord is always open and we will keep you updated as we progress ~ I assure you though Tale of Tails will open, it will just take some time.

In the wake of the delay we plan on adding two new Fantasy States as well as hybrid states ~

Greetings Potcakes! Due to some bigger changes me and our good friend :iconeachsun: are adding to the group, we decided it would be best to delay the opening until April at the latest. [note: this does not mean an earlier opening date isn't possible! This is just to make sure we have enough time to finish the artwork for the group and important game mechanics!!! If we can open early, we defs will so don't feel too down please!] The project has gotten bigger than we had initially anticipated and so we want to make sure everything is as solid as can be. We hope you are still eager to join and get involved in future, we are definitely happy to see so many people interested in A Tale of Tails!

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