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Impulse - by =a-t-o-m-i-c (graphics) and R. Peter Clark (coding). You will need Winamp 5.03 to run this skin properly! Includes over 80 color themes, all component windows skinned, notifier functions, skin tips and an advanced configuration panel.

Silver medalist at GUIOlympics for team deviantART!


If you have trouble downloading, try
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I love this skin, I come back to it time after time and re-download it every time I need to install winamp
thank you so much for making and sharing it!
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I always download it after reinstalling windows/winamp. Just found it here (on winamp site before. Just wanted to say it's my fav skin ever (in stick form) has everything I need, just perfect, for me, even better than MMD3 =)
Naotachai's avatar
d00d, freakishly awesome skin. Love it.
Thanks. ;D
Ezekiel-Zelias-Chaos's avatar
Great and efficient. Thank you very much.
ninja-DOOM-steve's avatar
That's a mighty fine winAmp skin.
mattnagy's avatar
Still, without a doubt, the best winamp modern skin to date. :thumbsup:
nad451's avatar
Hi! your pixels-smgs brought me here. and I found Impulse, bye MMD...
Zwartmetaal's avatar
Beautiful, I use it!
chocoholic-girl's avatar
im using it now, its utterly amazing! - i love teh stick feature - exactly what i was looking for! :D

Why hasnt this had a DD yet????
pritcee's avatar
thats damn awesome! I dont think i'll EVER change skins again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Externys's avatar
Nice design. Good work. [i use that skin right now]
cyberkorn's avatar
Anyone have a tutorial to make a modern skin (not design, code yes)
raitora's avatar
WOW. I love this skin - so many features, colour modes, etc. Stick mode is pretty nifty too! Kudos to you! =D
Furikuu's avatar
Every time I download the newest version of Winamp, I hope the problem will go away but it doesn't.. both Rainmeter and Task Manager report at least 40% CPU usage just for this skin, even when it isn't playing anything. It's the only thing that stops me from using it D: Is this problem acknowledged and is there a fix or anything for it? Please let me know. Thanks.
StefanWilkens's avatar
By far the most amazing skin I've ever seen... it's simplicity (read: no huge sizes, no flashing red buttons) make it the top of its class... I love it. I simply love it.
anon-irisX's avatar
Hey! This is your skin? I've been using this since like forever! (well, you know) It's the best one ever. :+fav:
arbzervor's avatar
this is awesome... love it

Knifa's avatar
Awesome skin, but it seems to make my CPU usage rocket up to 60%
BFfelon's avatar
My fav WA skin ever, this things awesome...every color looks good with it, its so hard to choose!
MalwiX's avatar
very well, softy, graceful design.
ibish's avatar
by far this is my all time most favorite winamp skin!
tiina's avatar
This is the most amazing skin I've ever used. Thank you.
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