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Elves Queen-Cynthia
In this world, elves do not die naturally,parents transmit magic to their children, so that their parents can get to long sleep,she was born with a powerful magic power,noble symbol, so she can get everything she wants without much effort.
But no one's life is perfect,Because she is the queen, she has no friends around her, and everyone is in awe of her, not even a person who can speak the truth,live in concealment and silence every day.
Since the birth, the Regent king has always wanted to seize the throne, the human launched a war, the forest of the elves was occupied by human beings, the water was polluted and some of the Elves were infected. She had to think constantly and find the perfect answer, but the reality was cruel.
She decided to first expel mankind, but in the battle of her and the human race, the Regent King rebelled her, together the human besieged her army, and by virtue of his powerful magic and his parents' army, she escaped, but only 6 were alive.
She fled to a gathering place of elves, where all Elves were infected, and she decided to find the source of infection first.
But she will be faced with the the Undead and the Regent, passing through the house of the elves prophets on the way, and the elves prophets tell her If she persists in advancing, she will die in this mission. How should she choose?
Frost Assassin-Nydia Angeer
She lived in a dark cave with her family.a mother and a brother,Their families live very well by exploiting ice crystals.
Until to her 10 year old the war arrived, the 3 robbers killed her mother and brother, and she was seriously injured. The strength of the ice crystal melted into her blood, her skin turned blue, and her eyes turned red.
She uses the power of ice crystals to extinguish the torch of the robber,using the dark environment and familiarity with the cave, she picked up the ice stab sword killed the robbers one by one.Then she buried her mother and her brother in the deepest part of the cave, wearing the Ice Armor of his father and the crow's feather cloak of the robbers.
She practiced magic and assassination skills in the cave,dream one day to kill the sinner who will start the war,5 years later, she left the cave and went to the black market to receive her first mission,waiting for her is a more miserable life......
In a long time ago,have a young man,he is so good in the industry,he sees the world is change,change to the better,but in the country becomes poor,people for the money,they plagiarism,they designed the trap,they slander each other,trample,they eat each other.

He did not want to see it all,he tried to warn people don't do this,the people put him in isolation, does not listen to his advice,he was very sad, he was hiding in the side crying, he knows what will happen next, he struggled, he tried to stop people into the circle of terror,he did not succeed, he can't stop people,even one person,just this, he experienced a painful three years.

In this time,there are a small number of people began to leave, began to engage in other industries,his efforts to help others, his own job to give to others, to introduce to others,in this way, and after two years,he found that no matter how hard he tried, could not stop it from happening,because the state and the terrorist circle, telling people, this circle is very beautiful,People continue to enter the circle,then looted, and then kicked out of the circle.

He is very painful,he wanted to end his own life,but he still felt a glimmer of hope, he should not give up,His working, while helping people,so he struggled for two years,but he found. Industry in this country more and more of his rejection, he can only rely on the work of other countries to feed themselves,and get his helping people, they began to rely on this young man,lack of help people start complaining, why don't you help me?but the young man is so tired,he has no ability to go to help more people,he began to appeal for help for the friends,but no help to he.

He said the first time to people, I have no way to continue to provide help,his body only have 50 KG,his head because of prolonged fatigue, had repeatedly stopped working,he fainted,his dog saved him,He woke up, he mused again, I have been doing is right?in his meditation, people grab his job,and tell him that your time has passed.

This is a true story, you see this story, you have what inspired it?don't ask me, because this young man is me.


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