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Workbench - WIP
How I Spent Summer - Olga - Nemesis
Zero to Hero - Olga - Mil chick - WIP
Zero to Hero - Olga - Scout - WIP
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Some (re)structuring is underway. More info here:
Another attempt to bring some order into Chaos
New folder structureLocated at the top of galleriesNamed by story names, i.e. "Zero to Hero", "How I Spent Summer" and "Ticket to Ceres"Subfolders are named and sorted by names of episodesSpecial subfolders for short stories and related picturesImages in episodes are sorted according to story progress, from beginning to end Older images will be reworked to be consistent with final looks of characters and storytelling styleGenesis 8 based models for main characters. The very same models will be used in game engine so looks will be consistentComic-like storytelling style with panels and balloons When posting new images I'll try to link them
[Tutorial] Morphs from Genesis 3 to 8 accurate way
I've decided to try Genesis 8 for my gamedev project (more about it in subsequent entries) so I had to transfer my characters (original figures, but based on Genesis 3 mesh) to it. After some googling I've found two tutorials on the matter and even one half-baked vaporware script. The approach used in tutorials was more or less the same so I've followed the excelent explanations of SickleYield (https://www.deviantart.com/sickleyield) and got my Olga as Genesis 8 in minutes. But... it wasn't her - this new girl surely had rickets in her childhood, her arms were curved and didn't bend correctly. There were another inaccuracies too. So it became apparent to me that easy way is not


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Haven't seen you posting for a long time. Just wondering if we can count of your re-appearance anytime soon? :)
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Zaebal, skin' uje  your presets for DAZ studio. Is it your own or combination of existing assets and figures from DAZ shop? I bet the second. So, ne viebivaysa and namekni, what exactly has you used for creating the posted content. Please give me the answer (kem ti suka sebya vozomnil, lol?).
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Keep up the great work, Anatoly!  Will wait with bated breath for the next slides. 
The new renderings look really nice, especially in terms of skin tone.  However, the version of Helen in “Ticket to Ceres Awakenings” seems to make her look more like a mannequin, especially since her eyes are drawn slightly bigger than normal in many slides.
My favorite facial versions of Helen are the ones in “How I spent summer - 4”, “How I spent summer - 3”, “How I spent summer - 68”,  “How I spent summer - 69”, “How I spent summer - 170”, “Behind Bars - 5” and “Behind Bars - 6”.  The gif of the sleeping Helen in “Behind Bars - 5” (up to when she opens her eyes) is a superbly executed...I actually thought it was photography and not 3D art the first time I saw it. 
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What's going on, so much time and nothing new appears?
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Hey really great job. Are there games leturally can play with? That would be very nice :)
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Can you post models to open access? Or, at least, tell me which presets were used to create characters (if it is characters for DAZ studio).
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Здравствуйте уважаемый автор A-sennov, большое спасибо вам за ваши очень красивые работы, буду ждать от вас новых приключений лейтенанта Ольги и её подруг.
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