Sooo I Got Some Other Possible Episode Titles
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These are all tentative, of course, and quite full of puns. I decided that, even if the series gets serious on occasion, it doesn't mean the titles always have to be. I try to keep a mixture of levity and drama though - if I take it too seriously there will be issues!

So here are some, unnumbered, and not all in this season of Coh:

It's Not All Your Faultline
Steal Canyon (note: the misspell is intentional)
The Cure For ED is Not a Little Blue Pill
Getting a Little Creyzy
Corporate Sellouts in Paragon City
Scirocco's Modern Life
There's a Snake in My Boot

These won't all stay, but I did think these up at work and I made myself giggle a little bit. Luckily ONE of my coworker's played City of Heroes so I could explain what was going on to him.
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