A Strange Weekend is Afoot
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This weekend marks the 9th Anniversary of City of Heroes. Most of the time, I would be all over that, playing the game with more ferocity than ever. Last year, when we were given the helms of Zeus and Tartarus, I could finally finalize characters that I had built with that exact image in mind. And the year before, with the vanguard costume pieces... well I was thrilled and made a whole bunch of vanguard-y characters. Loved the whole "one-eyes" mask thingy.

It is strange to be here, writing this, and not be taking part in the anniversary events. It is strange to me that CoH is gone when it should not be. I would have loved to see the arrival of Battalion. I would have loved to see what else they had in store for us. The Devs always had so much in store for us.

A part of me suspects that, based on what I've heard about what the Devs had had planned, if CoH had had another year to "get it's act together" as NCSoft said it needed to do, it would have had a chance to be in a completely different and much better place. But I don't know business, and I don't know NCSOft, so I could be wrong. Regardless of theories, I miss this game. And I wish it were here. I am at a stressful point in my life right now, and I can't help but think how much it would help.

But let's not get super sad. Let's focus on how great of a game this was. Let's focus on how much of an innovator was, as an MMO that put the community first and the almighty dollar last. That, I believe, is how we ended up with the community we had. That is thanks to developers who understood the MMO industry, and understood what was important to players.

To celebrate tonight, I am going to watch the "Paragon Tours" video series on youtube.

Thank you Paragon City and the Developers of CoH.

Happy birthday/anniversary City of Heroes. /salute
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