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See you on the other side

Armor is from:…

Hope you guys like it!
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Halo!!!! Oh that is cool!

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Love her cute hair
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Yep, me too =D
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yaaa back at you
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Wow great expression, too! :)
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Brothers And Sisters-in-Arms!
Great Work
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Thank you very much!
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Brilliant as per your usual. Thanks for the reference to the armour, too! I'm going to have to get that! They coudln't have asked for a finer product placement
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The armor is pretty amazing with the details. And this is only the base armor, it comes with all these bigger machine parts. Definitely worth investing in.
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I'm getting strong flashbacks from Pacific Rim! Beautiful lighting and render, thought it was a screencap from the movie at first! 
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Yay! That's the effect I was trying to go for, a screencap from a movie, inspired by Love Death and Robots. Thank you!
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This is fantastic and her facial expression is so beautiful and the light points in the eyes are also very important.
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Thank you!!! It took a while to get her face looking right. I must say, the differences between a rendered and pre-rendered face is huge.
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That's right, especially with facial expressions you have to look at it in iray, because it usually looks completely different there.
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This is a fantastic piece! Beautifully lit, and great use of that set. The girl's lovely wry smile steals the show!
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Thank you so much for the comment, really happy you like this piece. Yes, her smile is at the center of this picture =D
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I miss seeing your art more often, but it's even more of treat when you do share. :)  This very much has a cinematic feel to it (which I go crazy for)  and she's just too damned adorable.  Love that dimple.  Awesome piece of art!
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It really means a lot coming from you, thank you! 
I binged Love, Death and Robot while working on this, which became a huge inspiration to me. 
Alas, too much nowadays, so my production has been really low lately haha.
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My pleasure!
I haven't watched that yet, I've heard mixed reviews but apparently you loved it??
No worries, your art is always worth waiting for. :)

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Each episode is its own story and graphics, so there are some really good episodes and some not so good. 
I'll try not to disappoint =P
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