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Just a concept by a-reason-for-it Just a concept by a-reason-for-it

Just a concept by a-reason-for-it

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Just threw a few ideas together for a concept version of my site.
Whacha Think?

The BG and the foreground BG would change with every link. The Nav will go in the white somewhere. I dont know. I like the idea..but.

Oh and I used that guys image from yesterdays DA- I forget his name. I didnt ask him yet cause he hasnt responded back to me. but, thanks man, I'm not nesearrily gonna use it, I just needed something real quick.
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tenganmade Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2006
Darn, perhaps the most inspiring design I've seen for a long time, that background, man! If only the main forground would have had a more "boom"-effect then it would have been perfect in my eyes! So, darn nice design!
j2s Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2006
I am blown awawy.
This design is magnificent past the bounds of my capability to describe.

I'm just sorry it took me so long to find.
doomcraft Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2005
the interface looks very good but I agree with meemo on the loading times, if you can manage this with efficiency then you're on the right path because the design is brilliant. :)
hiero Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
For a concept it's a "genius" concept...i know this word was heavy but i love the smooth feelin which reign in this interface!
Radical-Jonny Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2004
Thats a really cool idea.
Reflex-Seven Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2004
Holy crap I love this. I'll just leave it at that. This is my favorite deviation of the day. And to make sure, I'll stop looking at anything else on the site, just to make sure. This is awesome. I want it. This is one of those pieces that make you say, "Damn, I wish I thought of that..."

Way to go!! :D
cr4zed Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2004
looks awesome :) always wanted to make style like this for my folio but i always fail... anyways great job :) +fav
dOmme-zEbra Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004  Student
that is totally awsome :o
i'm gonna take a look at your gallery now :)
meemo Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004
well, all i can say is, if you consider this to be a website think about loading times.
Looks are not everything and your customers or friends dont want to sit in front of the computer for ages waiting for your site to load..

other than that GREAT !

oh and are you gonna use flash for this? Cuz in HTML you might find some difficulties adjusting this page to higher and lower! screen resolutions...
ziruc Featured By Owner May 21, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
just?... ehhmmm... good... good... good...

salute! :)
patqueisler Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003
really cool, would like to see how u made a page with this (background, menu, content). i love the effect with the photo in the background!
a-reason-for-it Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003   Interface Designer
Tee hee hee, thanks. Get your friends to comment too :-x (Mad) I'm in need of direction here.
kkz Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
WOW!! this is amazingly cool, would suit really well for a personal portfolio or something, good job mate, the effects are brilliant. I cant explain in words, but It's got that Va Va Voom :) (Smile)
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June 13, 2003
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