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The gears are in motion, here's to a breakout 2019! Hope everyone has a happy new year!
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If you haven't noticed already I'm dipping my foot back into the dA pool! Hoping to be more active come 2019!
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It's been a long time since I've even used these journals and I'm trying to do it on a regular basis but...what on earth do I write about? I could talk about a bunch of things like tokusatsu, figures and shit but I do that already on twitter haha. Though with that said maybe I can use these journals as a place to talk about things more in depth, twitter's interface doesn't particularly support longer rants after all. What do you lot who still pay attention think? Would you be interested in hearing me rant about nonsense? Might even do the odd artist feature as well because I remember having a lot of fun typing those up.
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Happy Birthday! :happy birthday: :ihavecaek: 

ahhhh I'm sorry for the late reply but Thank you!

Please tell me you're looking forward to Little Witch Academia and Gintama this season.

They might be the last things I see for a really long time. I've gone thru as much obscure manga and anime as best I could fthe 60's up to now. =P
Oh man super late reply haha but I was looking forward and am currently enjoying LWA, the second cour looks like it's going to be a blast. 

Sadly I've never been a big Gintama fan so I haven't kept up on it so much. Though I do tend to watch a lot of everything. Every new season of anime I at least keep up with four to five anime at a time.
Yeah; lwa has been fun; it finally picked up speed. I was hoping the intro 13 episodes could have been progressively done better cohesively to give flow and works build up to the story; not come off so shaky and episodic like that. Eccentric family is currently next on my watch list at this moment; I've almost caught up with lots of backlog I had for years. So I'm almost about getting there. I love Ursula so much. She's such a pretty waifu. <3
I wanted to ask since you're more in the know in the field: do you know any good animated series that have been going around that I might possibly not know of that are good? Been working the nursing life lately.
Oh, and also, I love Osomatsu san. I'd love to see more series do this also.

Shin chan, Pokemon, Ranma (somewhat), Urusei Yatsura (can see it happening with Kotaru being a neet).

Probably one of the better reboots of our time.