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Elegant GNOME Pack v 1.0



If you wanna appreciate the job that was done, you can send a small donation via PayPal at "slpiv@mail.ru".
Thanks in advance.

UPD: The package for Linux Mint 10 is now available in PPA

IMPORTANT: DO NOT complain me about the OpenOffice, Firefox or Pidgin until you have read the Help

Finally, i'm glad to present the first stable release of this pack. A lot of job were done since the first release and I hope that you people have been enjoying this theme :)

This is a project that provides an automatic configuration of your GNOME desktop just in one click, with the backup and restoring support.
The main goal of this projects is to create the most complete dark theme for the GNOME desktop with easy installation experience.

The pack contains the following stuff :
- GUI utility to configure your desktop
- Icon theme: Elegant-AwOken based on the AwOken icon set by alecive
- GTK+ theme: Elegant GTK theme v 4.0
- Cursor Theme: Neutral++ by ducakar
- Wallpaper: gDIGE by *Muscarr
- Keyboard layout indicator flags (296 total)
- Firefox theme
- Google Chrome theme by Jorge Carrillo
- Google Chrome scrollbar extension
- Smplayer theme
- Pidgin buddy list theme

You must have this stuff installed on your system before you'll start:
- Murrine GTK engine 0.98.0 or higher
- Droid Sans Font
- Nautilus-Elementary (optional)

Ubuntu Lucid/Maverick and Linux Mint 9 installation instructions:

1. Install Elegant GNOME:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:elegant-gnome/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
a)sudo apt-get install elegant-gnome
b)sudo apt-get install elegant-gnome-mint

2. Go to "Applications -> Accessories -> Elegant GNOME"
1. Install Nautilus Elementary: (optional)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

2. Run Elegant GNOME app
3. Choose Configure Nautilus -> Nautilus Elementary

Archlinux installation instructions:
1. yaourt -S elegant-gnome
2. Go to "Applications -> Accessories -> Elegant GNOME"

To install the pack from sources:
1. Download the archive and extract it
2. Open the terminal and cd to the extracted directory.
3. Run the command "make 'name of your distro'"(e.g. "make ubuntu"),
run "make help" to see the available variants.
4. Run the command "sudo make install"
5. Go to "Applications -> Accessories -> Elegant GNOME"
6. Optional step. If you use the Nautilus Elementary:
a) Go to Applications -> Accessories -> Elegant GNOME
b) Choose "Configure Nautilus"
c) Select "Nautilus Elementary"

To remove the pack: (installed from sources)
1. Open the terminal and cd to the extracted directory.
2. Run the command "sudo make uninstall"

To install the Google Chrome theme:
1. Download and extract the "Google Chrome" archive
2. Drag and drop the *.crx files into the Google Chrome window.

- alecive : for the great icon set
- Frank Kurian : for the great help in testing
the pack on Ubuntu Linux
- Jorge Carrillo : for the help in creating
the Google Chrome theme
- Corey Buckingham: for some fixes in the Elegant GTK theme
- Istvan Szabo: for the great help in testing the pack on OpenSuse
and creating the fix for the Pidgin
- Everyone else who helped me in creating and testing this pack.

If i forgot to put you in this list, please feel free to send me a private message.

The pack has been tested on:
1. Ubuntu Lucid/Maverick
2. Archlinux
3. OpenSuse 11.3
4. Debian testing
5. Fedora 13

Page at gnome-look.org

Version 0.7.0
- Elegant GTK v 2.1:
- Fixed the bug related to the infobar background(appeared in empathy, rhythmbox, gedit etc.)
- Changed the tabs' border width
- Fixed panel image
- Firefox style update
- Icon theme update(now based on the AwOken icon theme v 1.1):
- Fixed blurry icons on the panel
- Added the icons for the experimental version of the Dropbox
- Implemented an automatic installation for the Firefox theme
- Added a menu entry for configuring the Smplayer theme
- Added Google Chrome Theme to match the GTK+ theme
- Added Google Chrome scrollbar extension to match the GTK+ theme
- Fixed the script's code related to the GDM2.
- Fixed the scripts's code related to the Emesene.
Version 0.8.0
- Elegant GTK v 3.0:
- Bunch of changes. Almost every part of the theme were revised.
- Code cleanings. Preparations for release the stable version.
- Added Help menu entry.
- Added Pidgin buddy list theme. See Help for more information.
- Fixed the installation of the Emesene theme in OpenSuse
- Fixed the installation of the GDM2 theme in OpenSuse
- Google Chrome theme update. Google Chrome scrollbars theme update.
- Small script's code cleanings and improvements.
Version 0.9.0
- Elegant GTK v 3.1:
- Metacity theme update
- Fixed the bug related to the Shotwell's sidebar
- Other small fixes and changes
- Added an ability to choose the window buttons alignment during the installation
- Added Google Chrome extension that adjusts the text selection color to match the Elegant GTK theme
- Google Chrome scrollbars update
Version 0.9.1
- Elegant GTK v 3.2:
- Fixed the new mail notification bug in Pidgin
- Fixed the infobar background color in Rhythmbox
- Changed the tooltips' style
- Added an ability to switch the Nautilus's style. So now the installing of the Nautilus
Elementary is optional and the theme now preconfigured for the regular Nautilus by default.
- Some code improvements
- Help update
Version 0.9.2
- Elegant GTK v 3.3:
- Fixed the treeview style in the Nautilus Elementary
- Fixed the toolbar style in the Firefox
- Changed the handle style
- Changed the toolbar style
- Other slight modifications
- Backported the new icons from the AwOken icon theme v 1.3
- Fixed the critical bug related to the theme's reinstallation
- The icon theme now named as "Elegant-AwOken" to avoid the conflicts with the original AwOken icon set.
- Added support for the Beesu (Fedora users).
- Firefox theme update
Version 1.0
- Elegant GTK v 4.0:
- Fixed the style for the progressbars
- Fixed the treeview progressbars style
- Updated the tooltips' style
- Updated the metacity themes. Now the buttons got the colors on hover:
- minimize - blue
- maximize - green
- close - red
- Fixed the keyboard layout flag for the Arabic language.
- Fixed the bug with the network-manager icon.
- Backported the new icons from the AwOken icon theme v 1.4.7
- Added the Slackware logo
- Added menu entry to configure the Cpu Freq Applet theme
- Added About menu entry
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grate work. i have linux mint mate and nautilux has a diferent name. i intalled from source but i can't make it working. help.