BTS - Bangtan Boys - Badge F2U by quasi-omnia

please DO NOT be afraid to submit your works into out featured folder!
i try and only keep SIX works at a time in the featured folder.
this is to keep new things coming and make it so everyone has a chance to be featured.

why six?
on our group profile only six featured works form the folder can be shown, we could do more but to keep our page neat six is the magic number.

please only submit one work at a time within the SIX shown.
if you submit more then one and the featured folder has been the same for a while it may be okay however if more poeple submit we want the eight featured works to be by different artists.

what happens to the works that are in the featured folder once they go past the six point?
i use the handy pencil edit button on the right hand corner and 'move' the work to the right folder.

the 'i dont know where this goes' folder
you may wonder why this folder goes from having things in it to being empty.
when this folder is empty it means good things. works have found there place in the right folders.
we want this folder to be empty!
again do not be afraid to post things in this folder
HOWEVER do not just post ALL your works in this folder.
we have tried to make it easy to find where your works should go.
if you honestly can not find a place for your work this is the folder.
its asking for help without really asking XD
we will then review the work and either put it where it needs to go or make a whole new folder for your work.

Commission sheets or journals
this may well be the ONLY folders in our gallery that does not have to do with BTS
please feel free to submit your commission journals and sheets into this folder!
BTS does NOT need to be featured in either to be excepted.
if you are open for commissions you may submit your info for others to order into this folder!

our other folders
here is our journal giving you information about what can go in each folder.
A guide to our group folders~

if you see this journal in your notices again it means it was been updated in some way.
Here is a run down on our group's gallery folders and what is excepted in each.
each folder you click will have a description however this is the list all in one place!
please make sure to check out the following journal with other folder information.

the above journal covers how some of our folders work and even tells you how to be featured in our featured gallery folder.
This featured Folder will only hold six works at a time.
once the work gets past the six slot someone within the group will move the piece to its right folder.
please don't be afraid to submit to this folder!
please make sure to only submit one of your works at a time, if only six are allowed and more then one is you

every time you click on a folder in the gallery you should see information about what can go into it
the above journal simply has all the information in one handy place!

as of 7/16/16 we have OVER 150 members!!
we are delighted that our family is growing!
it shows how hard everyone has been working to invite friends!
thank you for spreading this group around and making it an even better place~

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the founder or co-founder:

Founder PastelTitan
Kik: senpai.raeina

Co-Founder quasi-omnia

our goal is to make this group a fun and easy place you will feel like coming back to!!
that being said you members matter here!
we could not have made it this far without you, YES YOU!

we want to hear from you!
don't feel you can only talk to us if its something bad.
we love getting complements to!
tell us how we are doing and what you would like to see in the future!

BTS - Bangtan Boys - Badge F2U by quasi-omnia
be part of the family.
One crazy family, last name ARMY

i am so sorry if this journal LOOKS like crap, quasi-omnia / me can't make things. i'm like rapmon but with making things not breaking them.
ill-dope-swag Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually I like to put my submission on the right folder rather than on the featured one bc it looks more neat hehe :D
quasi-omnia Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i am all about neatness (at least on da >.>)
so i get you!
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