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if you see this journal in your notices again it means it was been updated in some way.

Here is a run down on our group's gallery folders and what is excepted in each.
each folder you click will have a description however this is the list all in one place!

please make sure to check out the following journal with other folder information.
HOW TO BE FEATURED and other helpful info

please DO NOT be afraid to submit your works into out featured folder!
i try and only keep SIX works at a time in the featured folder.
this is to keep new things coming and make it so everyone has a chance to be featured.
why six?
on our group profile only six featured works form the folder can be shown, we could do more but to keep our page neat six is the magic number.
please only submit one work at a time within the SIX shown.
if you submit more then one and the featured folder has been the same for a while it may be okay however if more poeple submit we want the eight featured works to be by different artists.
what happens to the works that are in the featured folder once they go past the six point?
i use the handy pencil edit button on the right hand corner and 'move' the work to the right folder.
the 'i dont know where this go

the above journal covers how some of our folders work and even tells you how to be featured in our featured gallery folder.



This featured Folder will only hold six works at a time.
once the work gets past the six slot someone within the group will move the piece to its right folder.
please don't be afraid to submit to this folder!
please make sure to only submit one of your works at a time, if only six are allowed and more then one is yours it wont be fair to others.
let the founder or co-founder know of art by members or others we can submit to this group under this folder.


Seokjin -Jin-

This Folder is for the oldest Member of BTS, Jin!
pictures and fan fictions of JUST Jin are to go here~


Yoongi -Suga-

This Folder is for Rapper Hyung Line Suga!
pictures and fan fictions of JUST Suga are to go here~


Namjoon -Rap Monster-

This Folder is for the Leader of BTS, RapMon!
pictures and fan fictions of JUST Rap Monster are to go here~


Hoseok -J-hope-

This Folder is for the always hopeful member of BTS, J-Hope!
pictures and fan fictions of JUST Hobi are to go here~


Jimin -Chim Chim-

This Folder is for the Member of BTS who can hit the highest note, Jimin!
pictures and fan fictions of JUST Jiminie are to go here~


Taehyung -V-

This Folder is for the Alien Member of BTS, V!
pictures and fan fictions of JUST Tae are to go here~


Jungkook -Kookie-

This Folder is for the Golden Maknae Member of BTS, Jungkook!
pictures and fan fictions of JUST Kookie are to go here~


More Than One BTS member, Ships:

This folder is for, like the title says, more then one BTS member.
here you can find
Group shots
And more then one amazing Idol.


BTS with other idols or people:

This folder is for any of the following
BTS members with OCs
BTS members with other idols
BTS members with anyone other then other BTS members


Renders, edits, pngs and photosets:

This folder is for photos of any kind
this includes edits of any kind
photo packs
anything with REAL photos goes here


Icons, gifs, stamps the little things:

This folder is for any of the following
gifs (not emotes)
icons (photo icons can go here also)


Emote icons for BTS:

having trouble finding emotes of cute Korean men?
can't quite get your emotion across through text?
look no further!
BTS emotes are here!

this folder is for BTS emotes only
bigger emote gifs are also allowed
emotes with BTS members and other idols are also okay to put here.


Literature-Fan fiction-MEMEs for BTS:

this folder is for any of the following
MEMEs (even picture MEMEs go here)
any Literature having to do with BTS

Fanfiction Sub-folders (to the left) allow you to find fanfiction for one BTS member easier.


Commission sheets or journals:

This folder is for you artists to put your commission sheets in
we want to help promote your art!
please feel free to enter your
price journals
example sheets
commission info
request info


Other, not sure where it goes:

maybe you have something BTS related that doesn't go in any of the folders?
please put it here in the mean time and contact a co-founder or the founder to ask where your 'thing' goes.
if we need to make another gallery folder we will :D


BTS related but no members present:

This folder is for things like
you in a bts shirt
an OC dressed in something BTS
things like that!


For sale, items to buy:

This folder is for items you are selling like
fan made things
previews for items linking to other sites like Etsy or Redbubble can also go here.


Hip-Hop Monsters:

Anything having to do with Hip-Hop Monsters for BTS
if it is a picture of the hip-hop monsters and a member please put those in the other folders.
this folder is for works with just hip-hop monsters.


BigHit entertainment-Bang Si-hyuk:

A Place for fan art of Bang Si-hyuk or other BigHit Entertainment stuff.
this folder should not feature any of the BTS members unless it is the members with Bang Si-hyuk.


BTS YouTube or Speedpaint Videos:
your youtube i.d's
your youtube video screenshots or cover images
your speedpaints
your journals with video links having to do with BTS


BTS Goods
this folder is for the following:
phone charms
phone cases
clay/polymer items
other items like the above.

once you make any of these items or purchase them you may submit the image of the goods here.

if you purchase BTS items they must be fan made to be able to be submitted no official goods.
please always include links to where you got the items, if you can, in your description.


HHMS Membership Cards
This folder is for Membership Cards.
to the left you can find blank versions.

Cards should have your Hip-Hop Monstersona on them.
please read the rules in the blank card description.


Hip-Hop Monstersona art
This folder is for your art of your HHMS (Hip-Hop Monstersona)
this includes art of your HHMS with BTS Hip-Hop Monsters


BTS Hip-Hop Monsters With BTS members
This folder is for BTS Hip-Hop Monsters with works of the members in them also
if works have both it goes here


BTS - Bangtan Boys - Badge F2U by quasi-omnia
be part of the family.
One crazy family, last name ARMY

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Haley-Hatake Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have some BTS Crossover/ Chibi work but im not sure where to put them, and I dont want to add 7 different works to the Others folder for you to sort. Is there currently an appropriate place for Chibi/ Crossovers? 
quasi-omnia Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if its more then one member then it would go into 'More Than One BTS member, Ships'
but if its individual members they go in the folder for the member.
if it has other characters/idols/real people with a bts member then it goes in 'BTS with other idols or people'
chibi doesn't have its own folder as all art styles go into any folder ^^
i hope this helps!
let me know if you need to know more!
Haley-Hatake Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
quasi-omnia Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no problem~ ^^
delau28 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
Waaaaaw!!! This is so good organized!!! Thank you so much for the information!!! And thanks for always work so hard!!! Fighting!! Together!!
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