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A Kiss

Sweet, palpable chaos. The world itself was saturated with it. It had infected every room, street and vehicle. Not one single inhabitant found themselves immune to the terror that built as a raw lump in the throat, infesting their thoughts, their senses and their bodies. Overwhelmed, some ran, leaping across the bonnets of stalled cars and scrambling over those poor souls who stumbled and fell, soon swallowed up in the crowd. Others screamed and sobbed when that strangling panic burst from them unwillingly, desperately. And still more simply stood, numb and defeated, alone or braced against the jostling flow of people, clutching their loved ones close for the last time. She of the Sky smiled. The tan haze of dust cast up into the atmosphere settled around her like a dark halo, making her entire form appear blurred with soft grey. Her hair, deliberately entangled over one shoulder to keep her view of the ground unobstructed, consumed most of a sprawling suburb beneath it's heavy

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Distress Call

I always loved sitting here. At the right time of year, from the right angle, the sun sets exactly in between those two shattered mountains on the horizon and, just for a moment, it'll lay cradled there. A glowing white orb cupped by stone hands, with the last pale light casting a spotlight over the ruined landscape below. It used to be a lot larger, that sun. When I first came here it was bright and orange. Like this. And warmer. So warm. It used to kiss my body with its heat and I could lay for hours basking in it. While the light would turn the fall of my hair to copper. And it got bigger. For a time it was dark like blood, and filled the sky as though it had grown swollen with all the death I had brought here. Bright and furious at all I had done. That's when the last seas went. They boiled away. There were years of thick, sweltering fogs, all glowing a ghastly red and filled with poison. And now, you see, it dies. I have lived in Twilight since then. Twilight and darkness from


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