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Nanowrimo Calendar 2013 #03



Yes, well. Here I am again. Sorry to those who get their inbox spammed by me uploading too much stuff in a short amound of time, but as I'm around irregularly I wouldn't want to release it when November already started. So, this is my most recent try at creating a desktop calendar for NaNoWriMo and I wanted to do something completly different. A bit macarbe, which suits my novels most of the time. The prompts match this, too, they're kind of bloodthirsty this time around and I had tons of fun coming up with them. I certainly hope that I will get around to creating another one.

(Btw, if you like women and skulls in combination, make sure to check out :devlynnfeyling:'s art.)

This calendar wouldn't exist without the tons of lovely stock wonderful people here share so freely, so be sure to have a look at their pages:
Picture of the woman: "Vintage Stock - Dolores Costello 3" by ~Hello-Tuesday
Old Paper used in the background: "Stock: Old Paper I" by ~frameofthoughts
Skeleton: "Vintage Human Skeletal 3" by *Beinspyred
Skull (partially on the woman's face): "Vintage Skull 1" by *Beinspyred
Art Nouveau border: "Brdr ArtNouveau 18" by *Beinspyred
Thanks a lot to all of you!
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Thank you so much for being inspyréd :love: