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Harq' Airship-ConceptPainting



This would be a series of quick, (not speedpaintings by any means) concept roughs, (photshop 7, wacom intos 3) of the royal Airship of "The Harq'.", who is a religious/cult leader in the "Brotherhood of Dannel" story I'm developing.

The vessel only has two orientalish sails, and a dual propeller drive, opposing cycle revolutions, powered by some mysterious means. They do not rotate very swiftly and the vessel cannot travel very fast either. Its more like a sluggish blimp. It is filled with a flammable, very bouyant gas.
Thus, the Lateral Sails aren't Sails for momentum atall. In fact, they are what slows the ship down and makes it ponderous. The lateral sails are made of thick leather sheets patched together to better protect the delicate balloon from attacks coming from below via archers and other such stuff... surprisingly, the sheets are rather effective, covering the broad majority of angles that long bows would be able to shoot when within range from below.
Saggy leather shields is basically what they are.

Protecting the top has proven unnecessary, because no one else has flying ships.

The Harq has essentially proclaimed himself king of the world, and is therefore a villain. His underlings are the Dahmpihn, and they hail from across a western sea/ocean...

The cult of the Harq' drinks the blood of all living things and seeks to consume all free peoples and either convert them into Dahmpihn or destroy them.

Think of the Dahmpihn, and especially the Harq' himself as vampire-like...having powers and being capable of superhuman feats, but without the fear/weakness of sunlight.
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