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Moss covered gravestones
Alone I tread our path
Fallen Tsubaki
My submission for :iconakarra:'s haiku contest [link]

The tsubaki (or camellia in English) flower has the uncommon property of falling whole instead of shedding its petals gradually like the sakura (Japanese cherry) or the ume (Japanese plum) .

In order to see how it actually looks, here's a photograph from Koraku-en garden in Okayama [link]

The camellia has deep symbolism in Japanese culture, if you wish to better understand it, here is a nice article that explains why you would have never seen such a flower in a samurai's garden [link] (It's an interesting read even if you don't wish to delve into the depths of my psyche)
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win win win win win!!!!!!!!
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Yay, at least I have a fan.
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Taking my time with this one. Want to learn how it all works.

Thanks so much for creating and informing!
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With pleasure.

I didn't want to explicitly explain everything for several reasons, but I did try to provide all that's necessary to understand what I see as the subtleties of the poem.

I enjoy packing as many layers and information as I can into every haiku, it adds to their beauty and makes them multi-layered.

I see it as a challenge of extreme brevity, or as you said make every syllable count.