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Kickstarter on!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 30, 2016, 3:36 AM

The game is finally up

After months and months of work, the demo is finally up to download, as well as the kickstarter!
I really liked working on it. Those who knows, knows that I really love fairy tales, and Helia is a really good writer who gave the tale a really nice twist to it. It's really stressful to me, since I really want it to succeed. So, I'm counting on you to support us.

"The King had gone mad since the death of the Queen and he was desperate enough to want to marry his own daughter. The princess had to escape from this fate, but how? Then she remembered the Fairy.
Be careful of what you wish for: the power of the Fairies always bears consequences~"

Of course that's not all there is to it, so I hope it makes you want to learn more about it.

Don't hesitate to check the Demo and give us your feedback about it or to share it around. It's with you that the game would become a reality!

The game is finally up -FR-

Après des mois et des mois de travail, la démo est finalement en ligne, de même que le Kickstarter.
J'ai vraiment adoré travaillé dessus. Pour ceux qui me connaissent, vous savez à quel point j'aime les contes de fées et Helia est une très bonne écrivaine qui a donné à ce conte une tournure intéressante. C'est vraiment stressant pour moi, puisque je veux vraiment qu'il réussisse. Donc je compte sur vous pour nous apporter votre soutien.

"Le Roi est devenu fou depuis la mort de la Reine et il est assez désespéré pour vouloir épouser sa propre fille. La Princesse doit échapper à son sort, mais comment? Puis elle se rappelle de la Fée.
Faites attention à ce que vous souhaitez : le pouvoir des fées est toujours lourd de conséquences~"

Bien sur, ce n’est pas tout ce qu'il y a dans l'histoire, mais j'espère que cela vous aura donné envie d'en apprendre plus.

N'hésitez pas à aller voir et tester la Démo et à nous donner vos retours dessus ou bien de partager et faire passer le mots sur la campagne Kickstarter. C'est grâce à vous que le jeu pourra devenir une réalité!

On the other side

Regarding my real life, things where a mess. I apply to a lot of jobs, looked around for housing, foudn one, only ot be let down by my own family when I was homeless, the CAF is shooting bullet at my feet... Finally a bit stable, but still looking for a home for myself.
But I have a job (baby sitting children, and I rock it! o/), really good and goldly friends, I'm healthy. I'm finally learning oriental dancing, I put all my strength and mind on the game... I think I'm really lucky to be where I am, and to have friends and youguys to support me.

Summer was an hellish nightmare and I still don't know how I manage to get through it, but I did. And I can't thank any of the people who where there as much as I want, because I owe them so so much!

But done with the crying -sorry I'm a little too soft >///<-
Now I have a roof above my head, a small job, the kickstarter is on (counting on you guys!) and I can work back on my commissions!

I'm probably going to stream this week-end for the occasion.

Thanks again, and just... For those who have it hard right now, be it harder or not, it doesn't matter, just keep standing up and fighting, don't hesitate to confide in others and... Things will be okay, I swear.
Don't give up, and don't give hope.

-Sorry no French version, because I would be too ashamed to write it down a second time >///<-

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Jobs and some informations

Journal Entry: Wed May 4, 2016, 2:00 AM

Some good news

Sorry for the lack of news the past few months, I was taken by all sides.
I found a side jobs, which doesn't last (and left me empty and totally exhausted), struggled with housing and all various administrative papers.

By the way, I'm also working hard on a project as an illustrator, a Visual Game developped by Traumendes Mädchen, don't hesitate to check their previous work, they're worth it ^v^
The final game will be held with Kickstarter (I'll talk about it later, when the campaign will be launch).
Hence why I'm currently so busy. Thanks for your patience to those that are waiting for their commissions.

A little question

Regarding commissionner, I still have some to do for SandraCreations, which seems to have deactivated her account.
I'm kind of worried because she's already paid for it (and I'm going to finished them when I have time again), but I currently don't have a way to contact her (ans I feel like a thief having the money without having the work paid for send...).
So if any of you as a way for me to contact her, please tell me in pm, thanks by advance >///<

Commissions - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2015, 9:21 AM


The commissions are closed for now, all my slots have been taken (I didn't expect it to be so quick OHO). I normally réopened them soon during January °v°

Since I finished some stuff I wanted to do before (and because I kind of need money right now too >.<), I'm re-opening the commissions.
Both of them, but there will only be a few slots for November (5 to be precise, maybe a little more, but I don't think so. I don't want to accept lots and make you waits too badly...).

It may also be one of the last time I take point commissions (not really appy with the grabbing money system DA put in place...).

You can ask for 3 different commissions(if they're not big work) per person (one slot = one person).

Details can be found here (or by clicking on the type of comm you want on my profile)

Commissions :CLOSED: by A-nako   Points commission : CLOSED: by A-nako

I'm back

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 22, 2015, 5:25 AM

Personnal stuff

I'm really unconfortable with journal, but I think it's better to write one.

Some of you may be "frightened" or worry with the last piece I posted, but you should not. It's just something I felt the need to draw for myself. And, yes, I'm fine or at least better than when I put my account on Hiatus almost a year ago. I really, really wanted this illustration to be the first to be posted here when I come back because it means so much for me, I wanted it to be like a fresh new start.

It's mostly why I won't answer any question posted on this piece, it wasn't the point. Just to leave something for this person and myself. But anyway, thanks for people that came and left a comment there.

For those that are wondering, I actually finished my art school, I have my Diploma and I'm so happy and glad to have it. I don't even know how  I managed to finish this year, go to my jury and just have it done, but I'm glad I've done it. It doesn't mean I'll be successful nor talented, but at least, I managed to do something from start to the end, and it's something so important. Still work to do, but at least I've done this in my life.

By the way, I cleaned my gallery a little, delete kind of a lot of stuff. Unfinished work, personnal stuff, RP related and such to keep it clean. I have now a personnal RP account (you can asked me the address in private, but I'll only give it to people I know and beware there is lot of stupid things in it).

I'm also sorry for people I never answered comment, and all of you that wish me an happy birthday (with how late I would be, I felt too ashamed to answered them, but thank you. Thank to have thought about me.) and for people who may have been offended about my name changing. It wasn't my goal, and I didn't thought that people would take attention to it, so sorry if you felt offended by that.

On another note

So yeah, some of you already noticed it, I changed my name here. Not that far away, but I wanted to get rid of that "chan", not of my username. So it's still Anako (with a "-" in between because fullname is already taken...), but I just wanted it to be Anako, not with this kid stuff attached from when I was young.

Beside my fun stuff on my other account, I have some other projects in mind that I hope I could speak about and show you as soon as I can (even if it means a year...). But yes, I have project, comics/BD mostly, I want to start and work on and some are already real clear in my mind. Most of my WIP, sketches and project research would be posted on my Tumblr.

I still need to finish some commissions (thanks for everyone of you that want patiently for me, I'm really grateful for that. Really.), but I'll normally reopen them in November (few slots only, don't know if I should take 5 or 10, but well limited to not take too much and make people waits eternally). By the way, it would certainly be the last time I take point commission. Sorry for people who took them only this way (there would still be the commission widget for exceptions but well...).

So I guess that's all. Thanks you for always following me and watching my art (and yay, I'm in adult world now, and I don't want to).

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 9:54 PM


Just a journal to inform you that I will no longer upload or do anything on my account for a while (I have some obligations to finish, I'll send them privatly when done or one that I must finish and post during the week, except that I'll be absent from DA). Need some rest for myself, before doing stupid things...
Perhaps coming back around July... Perhaps later, perhaps not... Don't know. Don't wanna think about it. Just getting away will be fine...
Need to concentrate on my study, and search how I will still have a roof over my head until I finished my school...

Good bye.

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Kiriban and Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 1:33 AM

Kiriban catch

Yep! This time, the kiriban was catch!
It's axeL-zeck who catch it, congrats to her °v°

(By th eway, I know my title is absolutely marvelous!

Feature time

Long time since I wanted to do it, and since there are people I think deserve more view or just because I want to share them, here it comes!

:bulletblack: :iconluna-aldrin: Luna-Aldrin
Red Strength - Commission by Luna-Aldrin Jeune Demoiselle by Luna-Aldrin Touche Monochrome by Luna-Aldrin

:bulletblack: :iconalemanoz: Alemanoz
+Sk-Skirt *paf*+ by Alemanoz +Mytho Contest+ by Alemanoz

Mature Content

+Jeanine+ by Alemanoz

:bulletblack: :iconbarbariank: Barbariank
Kill La Kill by Barbariank Strike witches - Futur perrine by Barbariank Warrior Orochi - Wang Yuanji by Barbariank

:bulletblack: :iconbloodyaki: BloodyAki

:bulletblack: :iconyoyaan: Yoyaan
Summer girl by Yoyaan Illu Yrvin 2 by Yoyaan Fairy by Yoyaan

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