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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Nova Page Doll by A-Mutt
Magic Trick by 8-BitSpider
Mia Page Doll by A-Mutt Xali Page Doll by A-Mutt Alois Page Doll by A-Mutt Eden Page Doll by A-Mutt


"You can't stop stupid, stupid always finds a way." - Philly D

Blue Space - Stamp by Starrceline Space Cross - Stamp by Starrceline Vibrant Space - Stamp by Starrceline

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^ ^ Hehe look at that little Easter egg. Might take it away soon idk ^ ^



Big Bear Boi
Look at his lil wings, what's he gon do with those? xD

So, this was gonna be a small doodle, but I got super carried away with it, lol. I'm really happy with the outcome! Looks very story book to me. I tried out a couple new thing with the style, and I think it came out pretty good. I still need to work on feral anatomy, but at least I got it to look cute. 

This is Xsar's main form. He's a  b i g  b o i. Its really interesting to see how much different his color scheme feels when the colors are in different proportions. He almost doesn't even register as the same character. Also, transferring markings between two radically different body shapes is super hard. ;-;

Character Info (lmao I forgot I changed his sexuality to "Pan Astrello's ass")
Look, I got bored and organized my characters on a colorful scale from Cinnamon Roll to Satan. Mostly just a joke, but also a good visualizer of my characters morality.

Cinnamon Roll Scale by A-Mutt
I can't believe how far down some of my kiddos are (mostly Faunny and Astrello, lol, bet you didn't know they were such assholes). Its not everyone, just the currently active ones.

Certified Cinnamon Rolls -
Violet, Mia, Evie, Lawrence, Glenn, Annabel, Nova
Neutral Beans -
Rowan, Vesa, August, Eden, Zellian, Ketoa
Assholes but They Try - 
Astrello, Faunny, Xsar, Xali, Cyrus
Oof... -
Miles, Kay'ar, Santos, Victor
(you guys don't know Miles and Victor yet)
Rowan doodles
But can we talk about the nice fall aesthetic Rowan's got going on, lol.

I thought I'd work a bit more on this boys design. I'm liking it a lot. Wanted to keep it pretty simple and functional. So naturally, I gave him a capelet because nothings better than a nice, fashionable capelet. I'm really starting to enjoy his character now that I'm fleshing him out a bit. He's honestly just a big puppy dog, which is perfect as a foil for Astrello. I've got some more writing about them in the works, so hopefully that'll be around soon. ^^

Character Info

and don't talk to me about the fact that I fucked up his sword anatomy, I wasn't thinking, okay
Hey whys your cleric an ass
mmMMMM he's a acolyte cleric now, lmao. 10/10 best cleric. 👌

Well, technically this is just an AU, so the original Xali is still around. I wanted to try out this color scheme with him and decided it would be neat to try out a neutral good AU with him, and then it got out of hand from there. Long story short, in this version of his story, he's raised by a bunch of nuns after his mom tries to kill him. I didn't change his personality much, so despite being a cleric, acolyte, and NG, he's still an asshole (but he means well). He's just there like "You fuckin idiots need healing again?! Be more careful next time or I'll shove my staff up your ass."

I really love this version of him, I think its hilarious, and I'm happy with this art too! Also, I know that technically the religions/gods in DnD are all made up, but I was taught DnD from my dad and grandpa, who played in the days when it was still some vague Judeo-Christian religion, so he's something like that, Idk. Obviously inspired by crusaders.

Character Info
Vesa Ref
Eeee its my frosty boi!! I love how this came out, especially that frost pattern on his outfit. I'm really proud of his outfit in general, its the only thing I designed entirely in his design (his original feral design is by Katsuka on TH, btw). 

On a few world building notes, the outfit he's wearing is an example of the clothing traditionally worn in the summer in Ilora. I thought that would be an ironic thing to put him in, haha. And the strings of beads are the sevetera equivalent of a crown, although they're usually not attached to the clothes, so they can be worn with any outfit.

Character Info


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