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Battle Force 5: Pottermore Wands
I've been obsessing over BF5 recently and decided to attempt to come up with suitable wand matches based on the Pottermore Wand quiz.
Quiz questions:
All the questions were tricky and required extensive re-watching of the series, especially for the heights of each character in comparison to the others and their respective eye colors(particularly the Cortez's and Grace). I did my best to guess what answers each character would choose for the last 4 questions(based on their personalities observed in the show) that would match a wand to them that lines up with each of their natures.
I also did my best to match each characters overall personality to an appropriate Zodiac sign(and Native American zodiac animal, just for fun). I don't have a set birthday for the few charact
:icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 2 0
Fullmetal Alchemist: An Unexpected Beginning 7
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. This is purely a Fanfiction.
Youth, Wisconsin USA; October 30, 1928
Chapter 4:
As soon as the lounge doors close behind Scarlett, Elle turns to Joe to say, “Joe, please get the others settled into their rooms and bring up a bottle of Merlot from our private store in the cellar afterward, while I attend to our unexpectedly early guest.”
“Of course, Miss Elle,” Joe responds as he takes the lead.
Elle addresses the others as she heads towards the lounge, “Go on, and feel free to join us when you're all settled.”
Noah, Al and Ed begin following Joe up the staircase, and Ed just catches a glimpse of the resigned expression on Elle's faces just before she enters the lounge. He begins to wonder if Elle had been understating things in regards to her friend's disposition, and groans internally at the possibilities of Scarlett's true nature before being pulled from his thoughts by Al's concern
:icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 0 0
First FanArt: Danny Phantom by A-M-Sirce92 First FanArt: Danny Phantom :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 4 0 Rose Doodle: Purple by A-M-Sirce92 Rose Doodle: Purple :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 3 6
Ai Rennard - MH OC
Mix-breed: 1/4 Normie, 1/4 Changeling(Fae), 1/2 Celestial KitsuneFather: 1/2 Normie, 1/2 Changeling  Mother: Celestial Kitsune
169 years old with 3 tails
Killer Style:
Wa Lolita in mixtures of white, gray/silver, and black with a variety of floral patterns and shortened skirts(to accommodate my tails) paired with solid white, gray, or black leggings to maintain modesty. My matching folding-fan, silver accessories, and black calf-length wedge-boots with my "Gems of Freedom" Heart-cut insignia complete my look.
Freaky Flaw:
My Kitsune half is obvious in my Kemonomimi form, which is my default form due to the 1/4 Normie. My 1/4 Changeling is shown through the tips of my tails and natural hair highlights changing color(and color combinations) with my mood like mood jewelry, but with more instantaneous changes. The expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve” is more like “wearing your heart in your hair(and fur)”
:icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 1 0
Mana Rose's Cutiemark by A-M-Sirce92 Mana Rose's Cutiemark :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 4 0 Mana Rose by A-M-Sirce92 Mana Rose :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 1 0 Dawn Through Violet-Tinted Glasses by A-M-Sirce92 Dawn Through Violet-Tinted Glasses :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 5 0
Mature content
Damaged :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 1 0
This is my tenth sonnet and another one with my mom as the subject.
With the best intentions you went ahead
blindly overstepping your boundaries.

Your self-righteousness repelling the dread

of consequences and calamities.

Bringing a shattering devastation,
your betrayal pierces me to the core.

Triggering a chilling transformation

of the child you knew becoming no more.

The result is a heart that is harder
along with broken trust and resentment.

My love for you is now tainted bitter

so that I can't accept your atonement.

In vain, your attempts at interfering
gained you nothing and lost you everything.
:icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 1 0
Precious Eternity by A-M-Sirce92 Precious Eternity :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 5 2 Blood-Rise by A-M-Sirce92 Blood-Rise :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 6 2
Fullmetal Alchemist: An Unexpected Beginning 6
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. This is purely a Fanfiction.
Youth, Wisconsin USA; October 30, 1928
Chapter 6: Evening Arrival

Later that morning Noah, Al, and Ed are each awakened at 10 o'clock sharp. After half an hour, and still feeling groggy, they all make it down to the dining room to eat. Elle is wearing a vibrant purple, flowing, knee-length, scoop-neck sundress with draped elbow-length sleeves and the same sheer embroidered shawl tied in an asymmetrical fashion at the waist. The table is covered with sub-sized toasted bread slices and a large selection of sandwich ingredients, such as an assortment of different types of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and salads. As well as, a wide variety of sandwich condiments and toppings, and for a treat, the option of regular or chocolate cheesecake with cherry or strawberry topping and whipped cream. The drink selection consisting of the choices of tea, lemonade, orange juice, coffee, and milk with the opt
:icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 2 0
Opposite the Dawn by A-M-Sirce92 Opposite the Dawn :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 4 1 Shimai - Sisters by A-M-Sirce92 Shimai - Sisters :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 6 13 Fresh Start by A-M-Sirce92 Fresh Start :icona-m-sirce92:A-M-Sirce92 5 0


Evil crisis moon compact by CristianoReina Evil crisis moon compact :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 148 8 Evil prism moon compact by CristianoReina Evil prism moon compact :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 235 18 Evil Heart moon compact by CristianoReina Evil Heart moon compact :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 189 13 Evil start moon compact by CristianoReina Evil start moon compact :iconcristianoreina:CristianoReina 182 8 Melody For The Lost by NanFe Melody For The Lost :iconnanfe:NanFe 992 17 To Be The Fairest One by NanFe To Be The Fairest One :iconnanfe:NanFe 666 10 Drawlloween Serpent by IrenHorrors Drawlloween Serpent :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,911 16 Drawlloween Monster by IrenHorrors Drawlloween Monster :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,673 22 Drawlloween Blood Moon by IrenHorrors Drawlloween Blood Moon :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,764 28 Drawlloween Harvest Time by IrenHorrors Drawlloween Harvest Time :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 2,469 40 Blue Butterfly - Happy Halloween! by rossdraws Blue Butterfly - Happy Halloween! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 3,856 57 Witchy by rossdraws Witchy :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 7,273 109 Wicked Wednesday by demonrobber Wicked Wednesday :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 23 2 (CLOSED) Bows adopts 10 by Rittik-Designs (CLOSED) Bows adopts 10 :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 175 47 Halloween Contest by Rittik-Designs Halloween Contest :iconrittik-designs:Rittik-Designs 305 31 Daily Paint 2167. Featherface by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2167. Featherface :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,429 176

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United States
A. M. Sirce is my pen name, call me Aliss. I have an account with Tapas,, and also as A.M.Sirce. I also have a Google+, Facebook and Twitter account under Aliss Muse Sirce. I am a bit eccentric and surprisingly practical in my approach to many things. I'm also a PiscAries cusp-born known as the Cusp of Rebirth. I love anime, Pokemon, video gaming, fantasy, and sci-fi. I also have a naturally Quirky disposition.



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I've had an account with Tapas for quite some time now, but it was only ever used for reading other peoples works. I've recently decided to publish on Tapas since they now have made the "Novel" option easily accessible for publishing. I have 2 series posted currently. One is an in-progress original novel that I started a while back(that I'm trying to motivate myself to work and make more progress on), and the newest one is a collection of all my poetry(in chronological order) that are also posted to my gallery.

1) Psi: Repression -- Basically a supernatural sci-fi fiction.

2) Revealing Transcendence -- My Poetry collection(Yes, I'm using the name of a previous Journal post that also links them together in chronological order).

If you are interested in checking out my novel and poetry(they are both free) I will provide a link to my profile page below:

I can't start getting paid for my writing(using Ad Revenue) until I have at least 100 subscribers.
I've never had contacts or glasses before; because I've never had issues with my vision until recently and the issues were barely noticeable. I recently learned that I have Astigmatism in both eyes(but my left eye is worse than my right), and it didn't seem to have much of a noticeable impact on my vision. My distance vision was the worst, my reading vision had only a slight issue, and thankfully I don't need bifocals though I can wear my glasses constantly if I wish to.

The difference in my vision of before the glasses to after the glasses is startling. Again, my vision wasn't bad enough to have a noticeable impact. Still, I never realized just how bad my vision actually was, and how much I had been missing, until I started wearing my glasses. The biggest contrast is how much more detail I can make out, especially at a distance; then the next significant contrast is color clarity(seeing colors better).

My glasses are still gonna take some getting used to, and I'll be wearing them regularly(even for reading since they do help a little). I definitely wish I had gotten them sooner. Think of all the art on here that I've only been seeing in "standard definition" that I can now see in "high definition"!
Just came across this video on Facebook today, and I'm wondering why I've never come across it sooner. It's a scene from the series "The Newsroom" that premiered in 2012, and I only just stumbled upon this clip today.

I completely agree with almost all of it, except the parts implying that there was ever a point in time when the USA was the greatest country in the world.
It certainly used to be a great country, but never the greatest.
It's idiotically arrogant to think think it is, and/or ever was, the greatest.
If we could just get our shit together, I'm sure we could become a great country again.
This is a small collection of links about the same old struggle of find your passion or "one true calling" in life, and how some people either don't have a "one true calling" or have many callings/a calling that includes/covers more than one calling. I think these may be helpful to others like myself that just can't seem to decide on what they want to do with the rest of their life.
These links(and video)have made me realize that it's not so much a question of "What one thing I want to do", but "Why should I limit myself to just one thing?" and "Do I truly even want/have to limit myself in such a way?"………………………

These videos may not seem related, but if you can keep an open-mind you may discover the connections.

NO...You do NOT need to watch all of these. Just watch the ones that pique your interest/curiosity.

I've decided to redo the design for my MLP OC Destiny Muse, and I would like opinions on which design everyone else believes is better.

Destiny Muse - Princess of Destiny by A-M-Sirce92  Queen Destiny Muse Original by A-M-Sirce92

That's the new one with the old one next to it.
In the new design, I gave Muse a "silver" coat with a white mane and tail with a kind of "golden" ombre effect, and I redid the coloring of her wings and gave her new shoes with an altered "necklace" that is kinda meant to represent her Soul Core. I still couldn't figure out a way to incorporate the other 2 horns that mark her as a Tricorn, but oh well. I used the same creator as I did with the original image and edited it using Muro.


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