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I'm bored. I need project. 
My commissions are doing alright but I want something bigger to do with my 'art time'.
I wanna do a web comic.

Any ideas? Any subjects people wanna see or something? Original... fanart.. etc. I just need more to do!
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Hello friends, watchers, etc. I have a favor to ask...

My puppy is sick. We're not sure what's wrong just yet but I can't even find out unless I make some money appear pretty fast.
Within the last 36-48 hours, Domino stopped eating and has lost all her spark. She doesn't park, play, or terrorize the house like
she used to. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm not sure if she ate something bad (because the brat got into the trash one
day while I was at work) or what. I've contacted every single vet within driving distance and none of them will work with me. 
They all want payment right then and there! They won't even look at her for less than $100 that day. I could make payments
easy but I don't have money like that on hand. And if she needs any treatments... it's going to be even worse. 

I don't know what I can do other than ask for help. So I'm posting this campaign anywhere I can think of and I'm trying to raise
money as fast as possible so I can get Domino to the vet and hopefully get her some help. If she stops taking in water, she's 
going to go and I won't be able to stop it. I'm hoping it's not already too late. 

So please, if you could help, I would beyond appreciate it. Prayers, donations and even just sharing this information out would
do use worlds of good. This little pup needs help and I'll take anything I can get! I'll even do any commission you want for free
if you donate something! (I realize that's not like actually free but a $2 donation for a $20 piece isn't bad, right?) Anything to 
help my puppy get better and survive whatever is going on with her.

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$5 off commissions offer!
Head to my journal to grab my Facebook link for more information!
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3 min read

Hello Followers!

For the past month or so, I've been actively taking commissions on as a way to add a little extra cash to the already hectic and expensive school supply days. Having three kids will really take the bulge right out of your wallet. And I'm not even done yet! Instead of just taking on commissions here and there, I've managed to turn my little side-job into a pretty good business. It's not a shop or anything terribly professional but it is working out and helping me to pay for all those extra things the kids need! I'm also hoping to save up to upgrade my tablet and pen set!

So far, I've only been taking on commissions from Facebook, Instagram and a small resource page on Aniroleplayer. Because I don't have time to check them all, I'm trying to route everyone to my facebook/instagram as the main source of communication. It's easier that way because I can answer messages from both sites on one app! So I'm going to provide links to those pages. If you'd like to check out my work or commission me, you'll be able to do so there!

You can find all my commission information on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealHeroDesigns/ Or follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trhdesigns/

If you don't use either of those, then you can try to message me here for commission information but please be aware, I will only be checking my DA once or twice a week. Because I have a full time job, three kids, and other commission work to do, I'm limiting my time here. Private messages are best!

Here is a basic price guide, for those of you who cannot get on Facebook to check out my services. I also do *DEALS* once a month that will give you coupons for reduced pricing! So keep an eye out for that!


This is a single character piece, line art only.

Base Price: $10

Full shading - +$2

Full coloring - +$5


This is a multi character piece, line art only:

Base Price: $15

Full shading - $2

Full coloring - $5


These are available with full shading/color at no additional cost. Logos may incur additional fees for licensing.

Base Price: $2 or 5pack for $6


Pieces that will be used in advertising, promotion of bands, channels, business, etc. They come with full shading, color, and text information at no additional cost. If the project is especially large, additional fees may apply.

Base Price: $50


This includes album/cover art for musicians/bands, cover art and banners for social media pages such as Facebook, twitter, etc. They come with full shading and color at no additional cost.

Base Price: $20

Full Social Media set of Banners (4 pieces): $45

If you have any questions at all, I can be reached any day of the week on my provided Facebook/Instagram. You can also private message me here, which will be checked once-twice a week.

(And yes, I do romantic/NSFW work as well. The only thing I don't do is underage material.)

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I've been gone so long, there's an app Now! Oh mercy me. Lol
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