Domino's Vet Bills!

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Hello friends, watchers, etc. I have a favor to ask...

My puppy is sick. We're not sure what's wrong just yet but I can't even find out unless I make some money appear pretty fast.
Within the last 36-48 hours, Domino stopped eating and has lost all her spark. She doesn't park, play, or terrorize the house like
she used to. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm not sure if she ate something bad (because the brat got into the trash one
day while I was at work) or what. I've contacted every single vet within driving distance and none of them will work with me. 
They all want payment right then and there! They won't even look at her for less than $100 that day. I could make payments
easy but I don't have money like that on hand. And if she needs any treatments... it's going to be even worse. 

I don't know what I can do other than ask for help. So I'm posting this campaign anywhere I can think of and I'm trying to raise
money as fast as possible so I can get Domino to the vet and hopefully get her some help. If she stops taking in water, she's 
going to go and I won't be able to stop it. I'm hoping it's not already too late. 

So please, if you could help, I would beyond appreciate it. Prayers, donations and even just sharing this information out would
do use worlds of good. This little pup needs help and I'll take anything I can get! I'll even do any commission you want for free
if you donate something! (I realize that's not like actually free but a $2 donation for a $20 piece isn't bad, right?) Anything to 
help my puppy get better and survive whatever is going on with her.…
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Any update on Domino?

You haven't posted anything, as far as I'm aware of, anyway. I hope your puppy is doing well.

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Thank you for asking. I haven't been on here much.

Domino made it! It was a scary, really touch-and-go time there for a while but she pulled through. She's a tough girl! Now she's an absolute handful!

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I'm glad Domino is doing fine. Keep her safe. :D

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I'm really glad to hear about Domino. Keep her safe. :D