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My Bio
Hello! I'm a digital Artist from the Dayton Ohio area! I've been putting a lot of my time into digital painting lately but I've got some new and exciting things in the works, including my own web comic series! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the art you find here!

Favourite Movies
Hide and seek, Stay, Underworld, all kinds of stuff
Favourite TV Shows
Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Tutors, Law&Order SVU, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favorite Band: My Chemical Romance, Favorite Artist: Tim McGraw
Favourite Books
Harry Potter Series, Anything James Patterson, almost anything science fictiony
Favourite Games
Resident Evil, Overwatch, Bioshock, Boarderlands, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Jak and Daxter, Mass Affect, Gears of War, Nascar, Army of Two, lots of others
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox One
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, computers, tablet
Other Interests


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I'm bored. I need project. My commissions are doing alright but I want something bigger to do with my 'art time'. I wanna do a web comic. Any ideas? Any subjects people wanna see or something? Original... fanart.. etc. I just need more to do!
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Hello friends, watchers, etc. I have a favor to ask... My puppy is sick. We're not sure what's wrong just yet but I can't even find out unless I make some money appear pretty fast. Within the last 36-48 hours, Domino stopped eating and has lost all her spark. She doesn't park, play, or terrorize the house like she used to. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm not sure if she ate something bad (because the brat got into the trash one day while I was at work) or what. I've contacted every single vet within driving distance and none of them will work with me. They all want payment right then and there! They won't even look at her for less
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$5 off commissions offer! Head to my journal to grab my Facebook link for more information!
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you are awesome.

Hey, I thought I'd comment here because I don't know if you check the XNALara-Customized comments, but I recently added two Harley Quinn models to the comic folder (through Sticklove) but they need approving, this doesn't happen on other folders so I assume there is something enabled on that folder that shouldn't be? Thanks anyway, and sorry to bother you.
Long time man, I got some great news about fatal moon, I gathered a team of people together, if you ever get on Skype I'll tell you more. If you interested in it anymore, you're still credited as co-creator, the major plot point you came up with has a picture now, come check it out.
hey, you could port Gabe from RE Revelations 2?
I'm offering commissions!
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