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This journal will be where you need to come to see the current status of the AMAP BOT!

:bulletyellow:June 10, 2015 @ 8:08 PM EST(Eastern Standard Time) - The AI AMAP BOT is currently offline due to some major updates I am doing to my bot! It will be back online here within a day. I do apologize for my bot being down but I had to shut it off because I had to test some new code that will help me in an event if the bot was to go offline due to an unknown event such as a power outage and I also have been working very hard a new security system that will now do the work I really need done. BANNING THE ABUSERS!! ( I spent the last 2 damn months working on this particular algorithm to finally do what it was suppose to do in the first place. I had one in place but it wasn't good enough so I updated it and made it much better! I constantly maintain my bot so it is running the way it should be running..) I also took this time to review all the users who are abusing my bot. I have over 200 users who are watching and unwatching and watching users to gain points from me. In an event if the bot did not ban a user for watching and unwatching, I had a second protocol for the bot to do in that event and that is if you watched and unwatched and then rewatched a user, your points would be dramatically reduced and a report would be sent to me of who was abusing my services! So, with that said: When my bot is turned back online, many of you who has been using my services for sometime now, will be permanently BANNED from my services! I clearly state in my journals that no one is allowed to watch a person for the second time and if that is the case, you will be BANNED because rewatching a user is abusing my services and stealing points from me! Is that fair? You will not abuse my services like dAhub anymore! I actually care more about than the statistical point of view of things with my bot! I actually care for my bot and who actually uses my bot for legit and honest reasons! I actually took my time to make my bot even more fun to interact with! I spent 4 months creating an AI(artificial intelligence) [and 10 months to actually create this bot] so anyone can talk to the bot if they didn't feel like making points that day or any day for that matter! All you abusers will no longer walk over me anymore! I could careless about the points because it's the principle of the matter that so many of you have the fucking audacity to try and scam me out of points! I don't fucking care what any one of you has to say to this because in my rules, I clearly state that if you want to use MY services, you need to do the following or you will be BANNED! Simple..:

1). Become a Watcher of A-M-A-P;
2). Become a Member AND Watcher of FantasyLegends;
3). Do NOT reset your donation widget (for purposes so my name and donation amount can be visible to other users who come to your profile so they can come to me.)..
4). Only one(1) primary main account shall be used to use my services.

Anyone who has registered with the AI AMAP BOT, your record of activity has been recorded ( because you gave me permisison to do so when you first registered to use my services! If you didn't read it and now are saying "oh shit, I'm gonna be banned!", well that's your burden to bear and hole to sleep in now for not taking your time to do so! )  I know every single person whom you gave a Favourite, Llama and/or Watch too and when I turn my bot back online, it will ban anyone who unwatched or even deleted the favourites from my donation widget users!. The people who pay me to feature them, expects the ones watching and faving them, to keep on doing so because that is the point of my service! They don't pay for the mother fuckers who quickly watch and unwatch and fav and un-fav their art! That is just throwing away money now!

So, I bid thee all farewell to the abusers who will be BANNED from my services (very soon), forever and you are no longer welcome to use the most intelligent, sophisticated and complex bot to ever be on DeviantART!

To those who use and pay for my services, please disregard this message as this message isn't targeted to you!

Thank you!


Anything below this line are the OLD UPDATES! Anything above this line are the NEW UPDATES.

:bulletpurple: The AMAP BOT is currently online as of May 20, 2015 @ 3:02 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time), and it is currently working through the backlog of messages, comments and payments. It will be about 2 hours before the system will be running normally again. Thank you all for your patience.

:bulletgreen: The AMAP BOT will be turned back online on May 20, 2015 around 12:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).
:bulletred: As of May 19, 2015 @ 1:49 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time), the AMAP BOT is offline.

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I had to reset my donation widget because it was not displaying my points correctly. Will I still get banned?