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Emer :icona-log:A-Log 6 7
Turn the Lights Out on the Way Out! by A-Log Turn the Lights Out on the Way Out! :icona-log:A-Log 4 21
Au Revoir, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen... And Thanks
Au Revoir, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen... And Thanks
A Gravity Falls fan-fic by Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
NOTE: Takes place after the events of "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls", mostly after Stan Pines announces Soos as the new manager of The Mystery Shack.
(After Soos becomes the new head of the Mystery Shack, the birthday resumes in full swing. As the movers bring in Soos' furniture, we see Pacifica come up to Dipper.)
Pacifica: Hey Dipper... got a minute?
Dipper: Oh sure. (walks with Pacifica to the totem pole) So what's up? I really want to thank you again for the DVD; sorry for showing you that one season where the product placement got out of hand.
Pacifica: (still trying to get the concept of "please" and "thanks") Well, this whole thing is new to me, but at least I have some time to practice. But that's not the point. Dipper, I know I wasn't that great of a person when I met you and Mabel, but after that night when you helped me get rid of that ghost last month, you real
:icona-log:A-Log 8 3
Tradeshow Smackdown
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Tradeshow Smackdown
a fan-fic written by Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
based on an idea from Angie M. Yazdani (aka BriteStarRobot)
(we open this episode with a shot of a highway, with many cars stuck in traffic. In the distance is a convention hall with a sign that reads "The Annual Robotics Convention". We cut to one of the vehicles to see Nora Wakeman at the wheel, admiring the sight of the convention hall far away.)
Dr. Wakeman: Ah yes, The Annual Robotics Convention is back for another round here in Tremorton! It's always wonderful to see the new innovations of science and technology in your own backyard!
(pan to Jenny, who is sitting besides her mother.)
Jenny: And I cannot wait to meet some new friends!
Dr. Wakeman: (serious) Now, XJ-9, this might not be like your experiences back in the World Robot Competition. I severely doubt that you'll even meet them or any other robot like yourself.
Jenny: It'll be different, Mom! I'm sure I'll meet at least one recogni
:icona-log:A-Log 7 3
Mature content
A Royal Affair To Remember - 1 :icona-log:A-Log 9 4
London Calling
London Calling
A My Life as a Teenage Robot fan-fic by Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
(we start off this episode with a shot of an airplane in the sky. We then switch to the exterior of the plane where we see rows of people sitting on their respective aisles. It appears that these people are on a vacation. We then pan over to a familiar group of people in the right row of the plane. We see our true-blue robot girl Jenny Wakeman [aka XJ-9] seated by the window next to her mother, Dr. Norene Wakeman. Jenny looks at the clouds outside the plane.)
Jenny: (amazed) Wow mom! Normally I'd fly through these clouds myself, but this is totally different!
Dr. Wakeman: Agreed, XJ-9. But remember, our trip to England is not just a vacation. That friend of your's from that robot tournament invited us to show us how he defends his homeland.
Jenny: You mean Alexander Roboshire? I'm sure he does fine as a member of the MI-6.
Dr. Wakeman: Yes, and from what I've heard the MI-6 acts in a similar manner as the FB
:icona-log:A-Log 10 4
Shiver Me Circuits
Shiver Me Circuits
a MLaaTR Fan-Fic by Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
(the episode starts with a shot of the exterior of the Tremorton Museum of History. We then go into the interior of the museum as we see several shots of people being shown several paintings, artifacts, statues, and whatnot. Everything is going smoothly until, from out of nowhere, a cannon ball breaks through the ceiling. This sends many people into a shock, but it gets worse as several robots dressed as pirates comes down in the museum. The last one comes down afterwards. We see that the last one is a female robot with blonde hair, a black eye patch on her right eye, a hook on her right hand and decked out in black and white for her pirate attire along with brown boots. She also bears resemblence to Ruby Heart. She looks on at the shocked tourists and museum workers, daring any one to do something. Knowing the real result, she gives her companions a command.)
Robot Pirate: Plunder these scallywags blind, me heartys! Don't
:icona-log:A-Log 7 2
Mature content
Why I Hate You All - Epl. +E+ :icona-log:A-Log 4 1
Mature content
Why I Hate You All - Epilogue :icona-log:A-Log 5 1
Mature content
Why I Hate You All - Ch 10 +E+ :icona-log:A-Log 3 0
Mature content
Why I Hate You All - Ch. 9 :icona-log:A-Log 4 0
Why I Hate You All - Ch. 8 +E+
Why I Hate You All! Birth and Rise of the Cluster Empire!
a lemon by Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto w/ help from BriteStarAngie
Chapter 8 - Second Round! Is Cheating That Important?
Written: 6-27-06
Finished: 3-3-07
(the eighth chapter of this story begins at the hotel room that Vexus and her new friend, Ikuko Suzuki, are sharing for their stay at the tournament. Vexus is currently wearing a satin robe as Ikuko gets ready to enter the acid shower.)
Ikuko: Aren't you going to shower before going into sleep mode, Vexus?
Vexus: You go ahead, Ikuko. I must contact my colleagues from Cluster Prime on how the tournament is coming along. Do you know where the video phone is?
Ikuko: Yes, it's on the table in the living room. I suppose you've want to check up with someone you know?
Vexus: (smiles) I do.
(she then gets up and walks into the living room. She sits on the couch and presses a button on the table which lowers the video phone on the table. When it comes down, she dials the number and connect
:icona-log:A-Log 4 0
Mature content
Why I Hate You All - Ch. 8 :icona-log:A-Log 5 0
Mature content
Why I Hate You All - Ch. 7 :icona-log:A-Log 4 0
Why I Hate You All - Ch. 6 +E+
Why I Hate You All! Birth and Rise of the Cluster Empire!
a lemon by Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto w/ help from BriteStarAngie
Chapter 6 - Royalty in Love. Soon There Will Be Three!
Written: 8-15-05
Finished: 9-12-05
(the chapter opens up in the Cluster Royal Palace, taking place after the events of the fifth chapter. We then cut to Chrom's bedroom, with Chrom, Vexus and Trinako inside. Chrom's room looks very elegent for a prince at his age. Most of the colors of the room match the colors of his paint-job. Chrom and Vexus are standing side-by-side while Trinako stands by the door.)
Trinako: I'm sorry, Vexus, if there was still any rooms available in the palace. The guest rooms in the palace are usually open for guests, but since you'll be staying for a while...
Vexus: (cuts her off) Do not trouble yourself, Trinako. I don't mind sharing a bed and room with Chrom. It would at least give me the opportunity to know him more intimately and help him keep his composure when he's with
:icona-log:A-Log 6 2
Mature content
Why I Hate You All - Ch. 6 :icona-log:A-Log 5 0


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Daphne Blake commission :iconrogerbacon:Rogerbacon 112 6
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Nami commission 5 by Rogerbacon
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Nami commission 5 :iconrogerbacon:Rogerbacon 78 1


Thanks to WWE and their recent PPV, "Hell in the Cell", I think I found my theme song for the Intergalactic Robot Grand Prix arc:

What do you think? Agree? Or disagree?
Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to our attention that fellow voice actor Mylez Dimitrovski has been found out as a pedophile due to a podcast where he was accused of and admitted to the crime in question. For the record, he sent dick pics to a girl that was 15 years old and thought that the age of consent laws would protect him due to her living in the state in question.

Mylez has also released an apology letter feeling remorse for his actions. However, this apology, however genuine it may be, will not erase the fact that he did what he did.

Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that Mr. Dimitriovski from the fine country of Canada is the second voice-over actor to be added into my "Do Not Accept Auditions From..." list for my productions from here on out. Mylez shares this ignominious honor with fellow pedo, Byron Beubian (better known as PsyGuy), who has been on the list since 2014.

I want to be nice guy when it comes to productions in the voice-acting realm. I want to be one that gives people a chance... but when pedophilia's involved, not only are you blacklisted from my productions, you're blacklisted from everyone's productions.

Mylez, if some miracle you read this, let me be the first to point out your current situation:

You are a pariah. You have been blackballed. You have been banned from anything related to voice-over work for what you've done. Hell, you're not even going to be allowed to do voice work in hentai. (BTW, how's your fellow pedo Scott Freeman doing these days?)

So Mylez, due to your betrayal to the voice-over community, let me say this, from the bottom of my heart:

Fuck you, and the van you rode in on!

This is a variation of the pipe bomb a friend of mine calls, "The Log Drop". Thank you and good night.
Casting Call #4 is here! Sign up to be a part of the talent pool today!

If you're a fan of Darkwing Duck and the comic that was released years ago, then please audition for this:…

This is done by a friend of mine known as HyperVoiceActing. Give it a shot today!

I have a question for the creative types:

I'm still planning on doing a visual telling of the fics of my late writing buddy, Guido Cerviche. Mostly either a radio-play or a fan-made animation. If I go for the latter, how do I get the talent to work on it?

The roadblock would be the fact that I would have to pay the artists and animators for their work... which might be in violation of the fair-use laws, since no fan made project can make a profit at all.

Sorry if I worded it the wrong way, but what do you guys think?

As for Guido's work, stay tuned for an announcement regarding that, and where they'll be seen.


Anthony LoGatto
United States
Current Residence: Staten Island, NY, USA
Favourite genre of music: 80s Pop, Early 90s Pop, Novelty/Dementia/Parody, Old-School Rap, Oldies.
Favourite cartoon character: Jenny (XJ9), Queen Vexus, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Darkwing Duck, Lina Inverse
Personal Quote: Do not trust religious fundamentalists, they will only make you feel stupid.
Thanks to WWE and their recent PPV, "Hell in the Cell", I think I found my theme song for the Intergalactic Robot Grand Prix arc:

What do you think? Agree? Or disagree?


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