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Gobots Puzzler -commission-



Another commission for operative274. This time not a fan-character but the famous Gobot Puzzler (don't know his name in the japanese MachineRobo line).
I was happy to have an occasion to draw him. For me, he's an exemple of how MachineRobo can "pwned" Transformers. I mean, come on, compare this to the Transformer gestalt Menasor ! All vehicules are really in scale and all parts are include into each separate robot. No parts as fists, head, feet, waist to loose over the years. When you have the six bots, you know it's complete. For me, this bot is pure win.
I choose a low point of view to make him as impressive as if I saw it for real in the street. I hope it works for you.
Understand the watermarks as I don't want anybody else than the commissioner to use this pict.
Maybe some day, I'll have to draw the separate bots for a portfolio. Would be great :).
Again, this drawing was traded for transformers toys (vintage Soundwave and Soundblaster, Movie Stokade and Landmine). Some lines are not sold in France (Universe, movie wave 3 and 4 and after, store exclusives...) so feel free to ask if you have a proposition to do even not in my wish list journal entry (that have to be updated :s).
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Puzzler! Transform and combine!