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A hui hou

A Hui Hou means "See you again" in hawaiian.

I recently finished Pokemon Moon on 3DS, and I must say that I had mixed feelings about this games. As an adult and after playing Pokemon Y, a more mature and dramatic game just before this one, it felt strange going back to a lighter and more childish game like this one. I know that this game is supposed to be for children, I didn't like the fact of being treated like a kid along the whole game. Unlike the other games where you are mostly free to go wherever you seem to decide (even if you are of course guided by the story), it really felt like someone is holding your hand through the whole story. It feels like I was in an amusement park the whole time instead of exploring the wild world. The games doesn't let you explore places and forces you to follow the scenario, taking the MC from a NPC to another.
I'm not sure about this new 3D system for the characters either ; It looks great during the battles, but on the field, the animations (for the walking or running) were really not that good. The worst being the facial expression for the main character (This stupid smile during dramatic situation makes the MC look really retarded).
Finally, the new system with powered Z-attacks is... Not too bad, but most of the animations for them are pretty meh.

However despite all of this, I still enjoyed it a lot. There was lots of new cute or great pokemons. I also appreciated the new system of mounts also gives the player more freedom for not to have to worry about the special moves (I've always been annoyed to have to keep two of my pokemons on me only to cut trees or surf on water). The team Skull is like a parody of bad guy/gangsta, and it works really well. Some characters were interesting and, once again, the main antagonist and the plot twists were pretty cool. In fact, I was really able to appreciate the game once I realized the fact that I was not the main character of the story. Lillie's evolution through the game and her bound with Nebby were truly touching, and I really enjoyed following her adventures. Also since Mewtwo, it is probably the first time I enjoy the story of a legendary pokemon that much, these adventures with Nebby and his backstory makes him more special that most legendary you meet through the other games.

I'm done with my monologue, hope you appreciate the artwork of my favorite scene of the game <3
Pokemon XY Serena

I am ALIVE ! And I come back for some Pokemon artwork. I've always been a big fan of the Pokemon license since I receive my first Pokemon Yellow game on GBC when it was released. I was 8 at the time and it was awesome. From the 6 past years I've been cut from this universe due to a lack of 3DS, so I didn't have the opportunity to play 6th and 7th gen. But thanks to my husband who got me one for Christmas, I can finally fill this hole in my heart Heart

So my first Pkmn game for 3DS was Y, that I finished two weeks ago. I was not disappointed. I know some people were due to the small amount of new Pokemon and the strange apparition of these mega-evolution, but I really got into the story and the dark atmosphere of this new adventure. I felt like I was immersed in a way more mature universe, talking about realistic themes and feelings. To me, who play again the original Crystal game on GBA a couple months ago, the graphics looked awesome, and it felt like this story was the rebirth of this universe, something made for the adult I became. The concept of death and moving time is omnipresent, not something I expected from this kind of game, but making it more realistic and I appreciated it.

I really enjoyed the characters of this game as well. Even if she's a complete cliche I really liked Shauna, but the game is filled other characters are actually really deep. Malva is really cool, Sycamore is more than he seems to be and Lysandre is a really interesting antagonist. I really enjoy this game, The feels were so beautiful 5 Minute Emote - Cry  I wish there were more to it. The new one I'm playing right now is Moon, and even if in the end the story was not bad and it has really interesting ideas and ways to explore, the experience was definitively not the same.

PANTHEON : this is time to register the names of the brave friends who were by my side during my adventure. Because I got attached to my team and they deserve to be remembered. Heart 

Goupeline > Delfox     - (This is a feminine version of her french name, because I'm french and play the games in my mother language)
Happy Bee > Combee     - (I love Bees. He's lvl 100, he's a cutie and I'm proud)
Buzz-Buzz > Vespiquen     - (I love Bees. She's a cutie and I'm proud)
Seth > Lucario     - (Like the egyptian God ^^)
Drack > Charizard     - (French name is Dracaufeu)
Primevere > Gardevoir     - (She's a badass)   


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