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I find myself typing things like :hmm: in comments and either nothing happens (which is usually the case, just not this one) or I get something that just doesn't reflect what I'm expecting (which is the case, for this one). Frustrating.

There must be others who do this. So I've decided that each time I type something in between :'s and get nothing, I'm going to make something.

In this case it's what I think you call a revamp. The little guy's just not sure. He needs to think about it. Probably needs a little input from you, which you can provide below...

If you have ever typed something between :'s and were surprised to get nothing as well, type it below. I'll credit you with the need when I make it. =)
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Reply is so late! :hmm: ... but thanks!
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A late thanks, but just as appreciative!
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:)  No problem at all!
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®, TM and SM ®, TM and SM 
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Which do you prefer?
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Uhh? Wha. Sorry Im just confused. When I tried it came that : hmm := :hmm:
(how to use it btw?)
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Ahh... my :hmm: is a suggestion for changing the current version. I'd have to make it a plz account to be useable. =)
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I totally do this. And the expression is spot on. :nod:
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Thanks! I didn't care much for the current legend. I have a few others in the works. :pfft: is next! ;)
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I like your hmm a lot better than the original.

There are a lot of things I try typing and either nothing is there or the original just sucks, but I can't remember any at this moment. I'll definitely keep this in mind though. xD
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I'm going to try to keep a list of things I type that come up empty (no emote).
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: pfft : ...we definitely need one of those!! :)

I like your hmm, though...much improved on the original!
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Working on it now... ;)

Thanks! :glomp:
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