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August 10, 2011
Thinking of you... by *upsguy1997

=Caeser1993 said: " Not only did the animation and pixel work fascinate me, but also the message it delivers. "

=SparklyDest said: " This is so precious. The age is really well conveyed with the older emote and the animation is so very smooth. Plus, there is a mustach twitch. I am a sucker of the tiny details. "

=converse-kidd said: "The powerful feelings conveyed in this emoticon are unique, *upsguy1997 is really great at playing with emotions. Not only that but it's so fluid, the way the thoughts disappear and he hops across the room. A really stunning piece. "
Featured by Krissi001
Suggested by Cmotes
a-kid-at-heart's avatar

Thinking of you...

...on your birthday.

We sometimes forget that Birthdays can be more than party hats and presents. As each one passes by they become reminders of the events and people that have been important in our lives.

This was created for the Birthdays Theme at :iconemoticonopus: being hosted by :iconicexdragon:

EDIT: I actually won! :w00t: Thanks and congrats to all who participated. :)
2nd EDIT: A DD! That was totally unexpected, and very appreciated. I've been sitting here since I got home from work and reading the comments as they come in. Thank you very much to ~Cmotes, ^SparklyDest and =Indae for suggesting; and `Krissi001 for featuring. The emoticon community is a wonderful group. :)

228 Frames
18 Layers
I have a horribly inefficient set-up to do these so it took me about 18 hours. But it was worth it. :)
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ShoneGold's avatar made me cry! very emotive.
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
This is one of those pieces you can feel the emotion as you're putting it together. It's the kind of art I enjoy doing the most. I'm glad it connected with you hug 
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
How I love emotional art. <3
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
Thank you for that. :LongStemRose: 
mockingbirdontree's avatar
OMG, what a gorgeous work! I love it very much!
wotawota's avatar
Oh my Goddess! This is the most sad emoticon I ever saw!
It perfectly shows the feeling ... oh, I can't help crying whenever I see it...  Waaaah!
Simply: a masterpiece! deep admiration thx 
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
I'm glad my art connected with you. That's a huge compliment. Thank you! :hug:
wotawota's avatar
You are most welcome!
:merry christmas:
Remind Me On The time On that day....:(
miju22's avatar
Awwh it's so sad :'c
miju22's avatar
LucyJayy's avatar
The heart, cough and picture is a nice touch. :'(
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
Thank you! It's the little things that make all the difference. :nod:
livveydiv's avatar
I never thought emoticons could be sad. Amazing job on this. :happycry: 
livveydiv's avatar
You're welcome! :iconkittyhugplz:
SpiderwebWisher's avatar
I cried seeing this stamp. Wonderful job, and congratulations, you deserved it! :D :)
SpiderwebWisher's avatar
You're welcome. :) 
Da-AWESOME-girl's avatar
Awww... So sad... :'C It's beautiful...
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