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Star Struck Fella - Emote CP Open

Fella loves to see the stars come out!

My first static community project is in need of Famous Stars! Whether TV, Movie, or just plain famous, now is your chance to cram as much detail as you can into a 15x15 space (plus accessories)! Inspired by Czar-the-Dragon's concept of Hundred Famous Emotes, I thought the theme would make a wonderful community project. =)

There is currently room for 80 submissions (minus the three I did =D). I would prefer to not repeat characters, but we'll see how it goes. A couple pixels beyond the 15x15 circle should be ok if appropriate (e.g. hair, accessories, necessary features). NO HANDS. For now, only three submissions per person. Up to 4 entries now allowed! Entries should be either .png or .gif and obviously static.

dA Logo belongs to dA of course as does Fella. He was traced using Official Fella #3, then pixelled/modified using 9 colors. All emotes are owned by their creators and are considered fan art.

ENTRIES: Clockwise from top.
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Cheshire Cat by Kohaku0827
Warden Harley by happy-gurl
Stan by elicoronel16 :new:
Kyle by elicoronel16 :new:
Cartman by elicoronel16 :new:
Kenny by elicoronel16 :new:
March Hare by Mirz123
Piglet by Synfull
Rabbit by Synfull
Tigger by Synfull
Winnie the Pooh by Synfull
Link by I-is-smart
Tacky the Penguin by a-kid-at-heart
Nemo by SparklyDest
Madeline by Mirz123
Snoopy by Mirz123
Courage the Cowardly Dog by AnimaTigri
Hello Kitty by BlackYinWolf1234
Pikachu by fluf-studios
Ridgedog by Mnjooschji
Dirk Strider -Trickster by Ixmay
Mike Wazowski by Krissi001
Shrek by Krissi001
Mr. T by TanteTabata
Will Smith by TanteTabata
Sips by Mnjooschji
Sjin by Mnjooschji
Naruto by dully101
Smurfette by TanteTabata
MO by a-kid-at-heart
Wall-E by a-kid-at-heart
EVE by a-kid-at-heart
Mad Hatter by Mirz123
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How can I make a Journal entry to share this yet to be complete work that others could help you fill out?

a-kid-at-heart's avatar

Well, it's been 7 years since this was updated, and almost as long since people were making emoticons (15x15 pixel) on the site. I'd be happy to update it though, if people posted the appropriate works and linked them here!

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I have two entries:

Thanks for creating this fun project.

VasiDragos's avatar
Great ideea and work!
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
Thanks! I hope the entries keep coming in. =D
VasiDragos's avatar
happy-gurl's avatar
I'd like to add   as my first entry :la:
(Old ones are still ok, right?)
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
Added! :dummy: finally...
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Made three more! I just HAD to. :meow:


Alsmiffy and



a-kid-at-heart's avatar
They need to be deviations you posted on dA. =)
runningsquirrel7's avatar
They are. Sorry for the late response. I've been rather busy.
I-is-smart's avatar <Link from legend of Zelda
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
Added! :happybounce: ...finally :blushingtard:
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
Added! :dummy:

Love this one! :love:
Kohaku0827's avatar
Yay, thank you~ :aww:
Mirz123's avatar
Ha! I see my guys needed the end spots. Yeah, I tend to do bigger emotes.

My newest one may need one, too. After that I think any entries will be on the smaller/normal side. :hug:
a-kid-at-heart's avatar
They look just grand there! =D

For the most part, I'm encouraging people to keep it on the small side, but I'm happy to let you take advantage of those spots!

Are you referring to Snoopy? :eager:
Mirz123's avatar
Yes. You can grab the Snoopy as well as the Madeline (though her had is a bit wide). :D
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