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All Is Not As It Seems - Emote Story Project Pg 20



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The Beast, lurking in the shadow, watched the Magician and his companions. As Guardian of the Orb, it saw many things... through the veils of magic, the shroud of nobility, and into the hearts of all.

My entry for =Web5teR's Emote Story Project, Page 20.

This was an enormous challenge for me, but one I really wanted to sink my teeth into. I've been practicing different dithering and shading techniques in my spare time for weeks just because of this project. I've also had this general idea for a fragment and image ever since the Beast was added in the story line by =xxghost250xx.

Drawing was actually pretty easy and took about 1 hour total. However, it took over 6 hours of pixelling per panel to get the colors/shading right (each panel was done on its own as I wanted them to have a different color theme/perspective). I stayed up till almost 4am last Thursday night and nearly missed work because of over-sleeping! :shh:

In case I didn't get it right in the pixels, the twist in the story line is Alcedon is really Dio in disguise! What is he up to? Stay tuned to find out! Next up, the wonderful *spring-sky!
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Aww..I used to like Alcedon ..Nice twist . :giggle: