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My Happy Place by a-kid-at-heart, visual art

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Hello! I am a-kid-at-heart :Big_Wave:

Things I have been accused of, and occasionally guilty: Emoticonist | Amateur Photographer | Wire Artist First and foremost though, I'm a husband and father. I appreciate it when people take the time to go through my gallery and comment/fav. I don't always get the chance to reply but I read them all and they encourage me to continue and improve.

Thank You For The DD's!

A Gentle Fortitude - multi

I've had the pleasure of receiving several Daily Deviation Features across several different mediums!

My Hat Is Off To You!

The Stuff That Comes Outta My Head

Becoming an Emoticonist is what really got me excited to be here! Community is everything for a website that hopes to inspire and foster creativity and there has been nothing like the Emoticon Community that used to exist here. I miss all of you, and hope your endeavors have become as rewarding as my experiences with you!

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Your art was in a Group I watch :groups:
I read a comment you made :blahblah:
I was browsing Categories and saw your work :gallery:
Another Deviant sent me here :phonecall:
I saw one of your DD's :deviation:
I heard you had food :chew:
I don't have a clue how I got here :confused:
I can't be bothered with such things. Be happy I made it :smoking:
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 Just realized I passed my 11th year on here!  Figured I'd do a quick shout out to those of you that are still actively watching, and any new watchers as well.   The stats say 928 but I'm sure most of them have moved on over the years. But hey, if you're reading this... For those of you that don't know me, I'm a 53 y.o. father of two that's been married 34 years, drives a big brown truck 10 hours a day, loves ice cream waaaay too much, enjoys a nice single malt Scotch too little and sometimes, when no one is looking, can get things right.  Let's see, how does that saying go? The older I get, the better I was! Funny how long the days can b
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I've picked up a few watchers after the last DD I got and thought I'd say hello.  Welcome to my quiet little corner of dA! So far this year has been pretty good. Work is work, of course, nothing really new there (I drive for UPS if you didn't know). Family is good. No one is in jail , the hospital , or anything else worth mentioning . Play and art however have been the highlights! Though neither gets as much time as I would like, I've been trying to make the most of them. If you aren't familiar with Tough Mudder, you can check out this vid. My son and I did our first one in 2015, ran 11 more events last year, and should have another 25 done
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Thank you /so/ much for adding me to your watch! It really brings a smile to my face which is more than I could've asked for. I hope that I can continue to impress with my future pieces! :heart:

Saw you had 999 watchers, so I gave you a watch!

Happy 1,000 watchers! ; D

Thanks! It's bounced around just below for some time but never quite hit it. Doesn't help that I haven't been able to post anything for a while. Hopefully that changes soon and it was worth the watch!

No problem, and that's okay. I watch a lot of people, some who practically never upload. I just felt that you deserved that 1000th follower!

Even if it falls below again, you still reached that 1K milestone, and that's impressive!

And, thank you for the watch back! : D

Thank you for faving! At first, I was merely honored. Now, after browsing your gallery, I'm flabbergasted! In a good way, of course. You make such beautiful things!

My pleasure, and thanks! Trying to create time for art again. It's been a rough year. Meantime, I've enjoyed seeing what others create.