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BTT for Marzipan 12233 and Herleva 9654. Thaddeus as their handler and Fuzo 4148 as a guest kuku who makes sure that other beard doesn't challenge his marvelous beard.

I - Can I Trust You
Rarely friendships start right away great. Sometimes it stays at 0 for quite a time before it actually starts building up.
° Draw a picture or write of a moment when the trust starts building. To some it's very special moment, to some it's just about giving food. The handler must be present.
Marzipan, Herleva and Fuzo got into a trouble when they decided to test the citizens of Gul out by collecting some plant with medicine capability. They got caught but luckly, the mayor of the city knew these weird looking hairy kangaroo creatures wandering around the city and decided to spare them if they work a whole week for Thaddeus.
Thaddeus is not only a known sculptor but a herbalist who has a lot of experiences about plants which humans collect but he was little to no knowledge about those which Kukuris collect.
Both sides had a rought start but the end of the week Marzipan and Herleva showed some kittenkiss pieces to him and both were very happy. Fuzo didn't collect but stared at him especially his beard: he finds something challenging in it.

It seems it's good to work with a human.

Fuzo and Herleva belong to me, Marzipan belongs to WormCoffee 
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