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Each one is 250 Points
Each will be flat colored with an animation!
All 27 of them, in total, equal to 67.5 nordanner kaaring and drakehest xp
If you buy all of them in a package you get one for free!
2. TAKEN ArabianDreams 
3. TAKEN meowth 
8. TAKEN ArabianDreams 
9. TAKEN potatowithane 
14. TAKEN BrowncoatWhit 
15. TAKEN BrowncoatWhit 
16. TAKEN FerretRocher 
17. TAKEN BrowncoatWhit 
19. TAKEN BrowncoatWhit 
21. TAKEN BrowncoatWhit 
25. TAKEN FerretRocher 
27. TAKEN FerretRocher 
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I can't believe that I ordered two of these 2 and 3 years ago! Wow! :faint: :heart:

Are these still open as I would love to buy again? :heart: :huggle:

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is 4 still available?
if so i'd like to buy it for this hoss
8164 by meowth
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Hi! Thanks for you interest! It is still available!
This YHH is pretty old though, so if you are still willing to buy, I will probably be re doing the lineart to look a little more up-to-date in my style.
It may look something more like this:
Angelic Elie
Fargo #124
YHH | Sea Shell | ArabianDreams
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would you add horns to these?
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Can I also please get 8 as well please for this boy… ?
a-horse-of-course's avatar
Absolutely ! Should be done within a week as well ^^
ArabianDreams's avatar
Payment has been sent thank you :D
ArabianDreams's avatar
Are these still open? If so can I please get #2 ? :heart:
a-horse-of-course's avatar
Sure thing! However, ive been prreeeeetttttttyyyyyyy busy with school lately so it would probably be finished by the end of the weekend if that's ok with you <3
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I'm so so so sorry for the late reply I think I've fainted.  . Can I still order, I'm very patient with waiting :D
a-horse-of-course's avatar
Yes! I am so sorry for my late reply as well haha! If you are still interested, yes you may still order. Ill make sure to get it to you within a week <3
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Ahhh I only found this now, I'm so sorry I'm really late this time I think I've fainted.  If I can still order can I please get this girl:
a-horse-of-course's avatar
Thats no problem XD. Shes beautiful! Would you mind if I made a few minor tweaks to the lineart to better fit my newer style?
Don't worry, not much will be changed, asking just in case haha.
ArabianDreams's avatar
Thank you. Of course XD :heart: Also I just sent the points your way :D
a-horse-of-course's avatar
No problemo. and thank you! Should be done within a week :wink 
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would you consider adding horns to number 3?
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4218| Mars by meowth Mars 4218 by meowth

then i would love it of this lady ;3;
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#1 and #8 please!
Sending points for them now <3
I'd like 1 to be this guy (Ruax Reference)
And 8 to be this girl (Isra Reference) just her normal markings, not the black marks
a-horse-of-course's avatar
Sure thing! Ill get started ASAP
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I'd love to grab #10, please!
a-horse-of-course's avatar
Which horse would you like featured?
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