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Hi All!

Been busy lately with job stuff and travel plans! (which I'm really looking forward to.) So that and bill-paying has taken time away from the 'social' life of here and Steam. 
But now that I have a solid schedule and...now that I'm officially older than the Scout...
It's high time to get some long-term money-making art goals in order.
I've been thinking about starting commissions soon. Seriously. So...
I'm establishing more work-time-allowance for me to do studies and practice in the areas I'm weak.

And that's where I need y'all's help. So I can get a timing down on how long it would take to do these commissions, etc.

So to make it clear, here's a short-term goal schedule I'm using to get this done:

1. Get a solid full-time work schedule that gives me a window for artwork (check)
2. Finish up those other 2 projects I've put off
3. Open up requests: tailor them to my future commission work (will explain later)
4. Learn how to price and market commissions
5. Set that up
6. Get money for a tattoo and traveling

Side goals:
  •  Get good at water color
  • Practices on hands, lighting, texture, backgrounds, perspectives, and color scheme
  •  Return to work on the story: "Three Servants of the King" (once above is done)

The plan is to get steps 1-3 done by the end of May, the requests complete by the end of June, and commissions started by mid July. I need to do a study at least once every two weeks, even if it's small.

And while it's mostly for me that I'm getting this in writing, I thought some of you would be interested to know and keep me accountable by this as well. You can call me out if I'm not sticking to it. I've been needing to push myself forward since last year. 

So wish me luck, keep me in your prayers and good luck to you as well with your own goals!

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Coriky's avatar
good luck ^^!! I'm currently working on doing similar stuff (which is why i haven't been active for a bit) but i hope that all goes well with you also ill finish your sfm soon god its been way overdue at this point ^^;
TalonWolfG5's avatar
Blessings and luck to you and everything! SOo Is your tattoo gonna be something you drew? : o Cause thats gonna be cool! Where ya planning to fly off to and visit?

bloody bills..
A-Hippocampus's avatar
Heheh- yes. I've been planning it for two years. The drawing exists only in my head for now though. 
Uhh... Ghana! If you can believe it. I'm going to be a maid of honor in Nov!
myselfonly's avatar
Good luck in everything, dear friend and  HAPPY BIRTHDAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish you all the BEST!! ^_^ :hug:
A-Hippocampus's avatar
Yeee! Thank you!