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Guess what?!

I wrote a short story and drew a lot of pictures for it.
Off and on, I've been making this since September, or late August if you count the picture that inspired the story.


So here's a little sample:
Lunch by A-Hippocampus

You can (please do) guess whatever you want about the three principle characters here. 
I will be releasing the story and drawings consecutively over a few days- hopefully at the same time each day. I haven't tried the dA premium scheduled posting feature yet, so I had better before my membership runs out.

Here are a few facts to get you started:
1. 2 of them are siblings
2. They are all employed at the same place
3. The story is set in Medieval times

So give me just a little more time to scan the rest of the pictures and edit...

Okay! I will hopefully kicking this off early next week.
I hope all  of you watchers enjoy this (all two of you)!

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Awweee cool! I wanna see and read it when you finish it ouo
For one I can guess that the apple eating obsessed male and the rock stacky girl has Got to be the siblings due to the hair color.. And for some reason at first i imagined the blonde as a elf... Waaait second look that cannot be a apple the male is holding.. a book? A... piece of bark? A small bag or pouch? I don't know but it could seem they work in a orchard. Lol not a whole lot I can scratch up from this lovely little picture >;u 

heuheuheuhee And I could've sworn I saw a unfinished version of this drawing when I met you as well xD
A-Hippocampus's avatar
You did grin wink  Along with a couple others.
He's just eating a loaf of bread.
Coming SOON!
TalonWolfG5's avatar

I cannot believe I didn't think about bread!!! xD
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Because they have a lot of freckles, they must have some sort of skin disease.
They all work for an apple orchid type thing.
but the girl stacking the stones has dreams to become an artist, she is also worried about her weight, since she has not touched the apple. (she is also from the future- her clothes don't look medieval) 
The ones with the freckles are related, the dude stuffing his face likes the rock girl, he plans to knock down her stone stack.

I actually knows what happens!  Its is nothing but a dream Hippo once had, like twilight but 109u18398236273647268x better. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 
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Oh, you caught me.
Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

They're all vampires.
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Ok so, judging by the hair color in the black and white perspective, I'd say that the brothers are the middle and right one. Let's see if I can predict something on the story.

-The guy has a very strong and bulky complexion, which leads me to believe that he is either a warrior or a countryman, since those are the professions that grant you a strong body in those times. However, his clothing, particularly his cape lead me to believe that he is more on the warrior side, since capes were mostly wore by noble people, which received warrior training since they were kids.

-The girl on the left has also noble-like clothing, although she could be also the daughter of a merchant. However, that kind of manly clothing was extremely rare in a woman, so she may be a warrior on her own.

-The girl on the right is doing a mental exercise by placing rocks on each others which leads me to believe that she is either a student of some kind of art (magical art maybe) or a frustrated woman who can't develop her intelligence in a man-centered universe. Also, you may look into her shirt: Those sleeves didn't exist in the medieval times. You either had no sleeves (Like the woman on the left) or you rolled them up (Like the man). So, if you did that on purpose and knowing this, we may have a time travel based plot.

Said this, a great number of plot lines cross my mind

-A human who lives in our time is warped to medieval times and is believed to be some kind of wizard due to she using modern technology. This allows her into the royal guard, traveling with two warriors that turns out are brother and sister.

-A countryman sees the daughter of the king/noble person escape from him due to her not wanting to live a princess life. He, who falls in love with her, helps her to escape by disguising as a noble, then helps her pretending to give her a job in the inn of his family.

-Two sisters have to leave the castle because of being forced to marry men that they don't love. The king sends then his best warrior to get them back, but him realizes their cause is fair and ends up helping them.

-In a fictional medieval world which shares a suspiciously high amount of similarities with modern gaming, kingdom vs kingdom disputes are solved in a 3vs3 tournaments in which a warrior, a rogue and a wizard team up against enemy's warrior, rogue and wizard.

-They all work in a shop and it explodes or whatever.

-A proud and prepotent king is dethroned by war. upon the death of his wife, he escapes with his two daughters, saving his life, but being condemned to live as regular countrymen, getting like this a lesson about humility.

Ok I'll stop now. Did I get anything right?
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Oh, these are all so good! You're full of ideas. I especially like the one about the shop.
You got that the guy is a warrior, right! As for the rest, not even close! :lol: 

I will say, I just didn't put much thought into the modern-looking shirt, here. Although I suspect plain under-shirts have been around for a lot longer than we think. Or maybe she just got tired of the long sleeves with the stupid poofy-looking shoulders she usually has to wear.
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Wait, so the girls are not merchants, warriors, wizards, modern people, countrywomen or princesses? hell, I don't think there are any more roles they could have in that age.

By the way, turns out ancient Spanish did wear similar shirts… Guess Spanish sun is too much to bear with long sleeves.
A-Hippocampus's avatar
One is... kinda...

Yeah, I don't know how the Spanish wore suits of armor. Especially when they invaded Florida. 
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Hell, you'll cook inside one of those.
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