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Black Lab Portrait


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Forest Fire


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The Testing of Galadriel

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Chapter 1: A Failed Warning

                A long time ago in a dirty cramped city, a blind man owned a tavern.  He served mostly criminals and folks too poor to leave the place and according to them, the beer was much more decent that you’d expect in those parts.                “Hamish!” the blind man scolded his assistant. “Don’t just keep jamming the broom against the corner like that!  If you have to get a rag and scrape the dirt out of the crack, then you will!”                Hamish would sigh deeply in his throat and obey his boss.  He never talked back. He couldn’t, in fact.                “Hamish! This batc

Three Servants of the King

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This Prompt,You Guys

Exercises and Messy Stuff

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Noob Hunt at Sunset

Friends' birthday work

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This semester


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