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Salt and Light

One day, I'm going to see Salar de Uyuni.
Some fitting music: Here

I was thinking of something recently while working on this. I thought I'd share:

The presence of someone always shatters the image of them you had in your brain. Our memories of them are imperfect and always miss the mark. It goes for God. It goes for your family and your friends. It goes for your enemies. How easy is it to make a person into an object of desire- or hate- or an idol just by removing yourself from them? It's so easy remaking a person however we want to in our brain. I think we need to regularly remove those inconsistencies in our thoughts by being near the real person.
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I love everything about this! Always loved stars and what not!
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EEEE- thank you!
Sparkly Jumpy Spin 
I really enjoyed making this!
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Thank you! I find incorporating sigs have 2 advantages:
1. It's more pleasing to the eye to make the signature part of the painting
2. It makes it harder for a thief to find and remove it without altering the picture a great deal.
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This is so beautiful! I've always loved the stars.

GOD bless
John 3:16
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Thank you!

He certainly does
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This is absolutely amazing. Enthralling, almost. I feel myself getting lost in those stars.
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Have fun!
Thanks:-) How are you doing Karnak? 
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Good. Got a new tablet, so I'm finding time to draw again. Also getting ready for college.

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Cant complain. Saving money to move states. I ran my own D&D type game recently. That was really fun.
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Sounds nice. A lot of change and progress going your way.

And D&D too! I've been getting a bit into the scene myself, though I'm still a massive newbie. Really fun stuff, especially as a host.

And, of course, your art's only gotten better.
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This looks amazing. I love images with reflections built into them
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Thanks Arget! Aren't reflections nice? I want to do one with citylights too! Sigh... when the pile of unfinished projects gets smaller. 
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I feel you, sis
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Also, what projects do you currently have on the back burner? If you care to share?
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Pffft, let me see...

I have at least 2 full time animations that will take at least two months each, I need to finish the if TF2 had Play of the Game series, I am writing a novel, as always, and currently I am making a game with RPG maker.
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Cool! That RPG game sounds interesting. Let me know if you need a tester.
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More than testers I need people to give me ideas for abilities and such. There are close to 50 classes and they all need a bunch of stuff to make them interesting.
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Woah. That's a huge amount. Hmm... one of them has to be a butler
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Time is not the problem. Energy is.
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Dude you gotta take me with you when you want to go aaaa
This is so pretty and practically realistic looking I hope you know that. You always surprise and inspire me with your art dang lol
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Agggh- thanks Talon! It was really such a joy to make! And I will remember that when I get the opportunity to go!  
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