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In Flight

I'm not really sure what to call this creature.
I've been playing around with scientific names. 'Kampos' is the Greek root part of Hippocampus which means 'sea monster'. And there's a whole bunch of Latin and Greek bird names. The group is 'Aves' so maybe something like Avekampos. I'll work on it. Taking suggestions.
Music to go with this: Sailor

[EDIT] I went back and fixed some things that were bothering me about this. 
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I adore how you draw wings. *swoons over wings in a corner*
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*fans you till you recover* Thank you very much! Wings can be a complete pain!
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Thank you
yeah, no kidding. I hate drawing wings tbh.
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Woaaaahhhh, Hippocampus! This is beautiful!! I love the colors you used for this and this creature is so cool! Its like a seahorse bird dragon thing. Ah I love this and the colors. Amazing. I think Aveakampos kinda sounds a bit cool, with the a twist in it... But I gotta say, Awesome.
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Thanks, friend!
I'm glad I wound up going with these colors.
Maybe a simpler name would work better, I was thinking. Like people in fables would look up and cry "Look! It's the Seagull-eater!" 
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Hehe Your welcome
Lol that'd be an amusing historical name
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