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I painted this to celebrate getting my Fisherman Medal in Pokemon Go.
Go Gyarados!
Not to be used in any way, shape, or form without my permission. No reposting, but you may reblog here


ps: Zoom in
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Gyarados is my favorite water pokemon
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Put that on a canvas !
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This piece is stunning, the only thing is that the picture appears slightly flat. If the midsection and tail of the gyarados was slightly darker this would add more depth to the image.
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Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!
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Hello, from :iconprojectcomment:
This is a nice bit of work, with the subject coming right at you out of a stormy sea.
Thanks for this.
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In my old pokèmon team, I used to have red gyarados :).
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Gyarados has the BEST shiny form, and is essential to any pokemon team!
Thank you!
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Projectcomment :constructive: Constructivecomment Lil' Comment 

Wow. This is exactly what I have been struggling with, and it is making an epic scene as this. I have always wanted to have an epic sea monster kind of art work but it is something very difficult, and what I'm looking at now is by far the most amazing art work I have seen in a while. While there may be almost no flaws, it does not hurt to be told where to improve. At first glance, this looks very perfect and fits the cartoony theme of Pokemon. The beast doesn not look realisitc, but that fits the theme. The only thing I may tell you to improve on here is going to have to be the eyes. I can see that it is very will lit, too well lit. It should have been darker, because I do not sense that much light should be there at all. The body is well lit, but that makes sense because the light from above is directly going at it. Meanwhile, the eye here is deep in the beasts head, so it should have less light.

Overall, this is such a great art work, and I look forward to seeing how you being to acheive the most epic style. :) Watched and favorited <3
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Oh I didn't notice that about the eyes. Thank you!
Thanks for the watch!
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As a poke hunter i can only say, hell yea. 
Nice work Clap 
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pokeball fail 
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This looks epic.
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Thanks man! Or should I say... merman! :D
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for project comment

this drawing is mostly good. first off is gyradose's wiskers, they dont stand that high up. usuially they just fall straight down. the rest off gyradoses face seems good. you did a good job of showing how angry gyrados is. it desinately look like it wants to attack. the lighting on gyrados seem correct. the shading is slightly off though. on the left side of gyrados head (gyradoses left) the shading is up to high since his head is tilted. it would have been fine if the shadow was lower or higher (cause of the fin). the fins on gyrados dont seem to be casting any sort of shadow. other than the fins, you did a good job shading under the body sections of gyrados. the only other issue with gyrados is his body legnth. gyrados is only supposed to be 21 ft. this gyrados looks like 25-30 feet. gyrados should only look this long… sorry if complaining about gyradoses legnth is to nit pickey. the background is great. i like how you drew the waves. you did a great job showing how rough the water around gyrados is. i also like how you drew the sky. you did a great job of drawing a storm. i also like how you used that lightning bolt as a light source. overall this is a beautiful painting that it looks like you worked hard on. i would reccomend looking at refrences and looking up the pokemons measurements so you can be more accurate with its anatomy
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I'll take your bit on shading. You're right, I didn't pay attention to the tilt. I thought her facial fins has a good shadow, I guess you mean the one right on top of her head.  
You may keep all of your anatomy advice. 
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This is amazing!!! I love how it looks like you painted it right then and there in motion!
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Thank you!
I was really focusing on flow in this one.
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I love the painterly style!
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One of my favorite Pokemon. I am the proud owner of a red one in Soul Silver. 
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