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This page will get revised every time there is worth while Akiru story to read or has yet to be read by Akiru fans new and old.

:star: I  wanna say :iconwelcomesignplz: one and all  to our :new:est members of the group.

Here's what else I can find Akiru related so forgive me if it`s not much newer stuff.
Akiru fanon is very hard to come by and get that's updated.
:iconcicikissplz:Highly Recommended Akiru (Akito/Tohru) Stories to :reading::iconmonkeykissplz:

:pencil: An Imaginary Toy
:pencil: The Lies Gods Tell
:pencil: Comforting Presence

:pencil: If Only You Never Knew - Story Status  Ongoing.  
:pencil: A Monsters Love - Story Status (Discontinued)
:pencil: Sacrificial Bride  - Story Status (Complete)

:pencil: Snowing In Spring - Story Status (Discontinued)
:pencil: Seasons of change - Story Status (Complete)

:pencil: The Embrace Of God - by :iconlatias-angel: Story Status (Ongoing/Hiatus) We’re looking for new writer to take over and continue the story:pc:

That’s about sums it up for now.

Thank you For Your Time

Sincerely, AGRB founder smcandy .

Members of this group I managed to deleted the previous SPAM notice that somehow magically was posted without my knowing and permission:no:

I was really surprised and upset to see such a thing uploaded without my approval especially since the posting was done by non-administrative member of the group.  As percussion I blocked:pc: the said user from both groups I own run until I am sure the user is no longer a problem within my account.

Keep if in mind, if such a thing happens again not to be fooled by it. I only allow topic related to this groups fandom on journal post or stories about them. If the posting are not in any shape or form related to Akiru then it’s not something I’ll approve of posting:no:.

So in case anyone else has the ability to posted without my approval and knowledge always, always ask me I am the founder.

I rather not have to block other people such as the previous users form my groups all the time if it can be avoided.  Unless you are apart of this said groups as the admin. staff you cannot be permitted to upload any type of journal post you want without my said permission or my co-founders.

SincerelyA-God-and-Rice-Ball founder :rose: smcandy~:rose:
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:no:This group will not accept hate character or hate groups of any kind.:no:

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You must be a Akiru (Akito/Tohru) Fan.
Regardless of which version you’re more familiar with, the
anime or manga. Yes it’s been made more official that fans
are aware know that Akito's true gender is female in the manga
but that does not stay true to the anime.
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