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Li Österberg
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My Bio
Current Residence: Sandviken, Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Synth, goth, industrial
Wallpaper of choice: Mars landscape
Personal Quote: Jag orkar inte

Favourite Visual Artist
Carla Speed McNeil
Favourite Movies
Nausicaa of the valley of wind
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Ladytron, VNV-nation, 047, Covenant, SMK, Sanctum, The Knife
Favourite Writers
Inger Edelfeldt
Favourite Games
Megaman 2
Other Interests
Comics, religion, history, sexuality, literature, sociology, philosophy and drinking tea

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Sorry for the spam fav!! I just happen to like your drawing styles, how beautiful the characters you're drawing are, and also some of the themes you're showing :D

Thank you so much! :heart:

Hello A-gnosis, new watcher here.

first of all - Let me tell that I really like your style and I can't wait to read your whole work - on that note - would you be so kind and help me to orient in your comic? I was looking for the story order, where to begin and where to go but I am still not sure.

Thank you very much!

Hello! And welcome!

This is the order in which I drew the comics: Nekyia, Hero Bones, Daddy's Girl, Destroyer of Light, The Family Party, Anthesteria, Queen of the Dead. I think that is a good order to read them in. But you're right that it isn't so very clear and that my page here is a bit messy. ^^;

It would probably be a bit easier to read my comics at Comic Fury, to be honest. My page at Comic Fury also has the fully edited versions of my comics (after a comic is finished I always edit them a bit. Redrawing some panels and maybe adding or deleting some scenes), while DeviantArt has the first versions. It's no major changes, though, so if you prefer to read them here, it works fine. Anyway, here is the link to my archive on Comic Fury: http://theiamania.thecomicseries.com/archive/

Thank you very much for the exhaustive answer!

You are right, reading at your page is more "reader freiendly" althoug sooo tempting to binge read :)

Again - thank you and be save.

Hey, do you have Discord?