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:icona-fox-of-fiction:A-Fox-Of-Fiction posted a status
Just got the Ghost in the Shell reviews...well, they're not negative, that was good to hear :) and they're at least somewhat positive, even if they appear to be mostly mixed...finally, I can let the breath I've been holding out. The film may not be very good, critically, but it doesn't suck. And to be honest, I'm happy with it being good to some degree.

Who knows, maybe in time better anime remakes will surface in Hollywood, and maybe Del Toro's adaption of Monster will come to pass after all.

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italianblackcat Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
I've noticed that too, I certainly feared worse myself. I've also seen a few youtube reviews, a couple found it mediocre but weren't familiar with the source material, the critic Christ Stuckmann on the other hand is a big fan of Ghost in the Shell and he gave it an A-, here's the review if you wanna see it:…
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Aye, I'll check it out when I can. Still, at least we've somewhat dodged a bullet.
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